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Our extensive years within the communications industry means we have a wealth of knowledge and experience available to advise and support customers old and new.

We offer a comprehensive service to all of our customers whether this be a simple chat over the phone, servicing / repairs within our fully equipped workshop or at your site, an on-site demonstration or complete site survey. We tailor our services to meet your needs.

Our partnerships with leading manufacturers means we can offer many options; purchase, hire or lease our large range of communication equipment.

Who We Are

Proud of our past

Zycomm is proud to have over 35 years experience, providing communication solutions to UK businesses. It places strong emphasis on product knowledge, innovation and systems design, which makes the most of the latest technological and market advances.

Zycomm prides itself on being a leading independent authority in the radio communication industry.

Our tailored service means that we are able to provide an extensive range of communications equipment such as two-way radios, licensed and license free radios, mobile vehicle radios, repeater base stations, trunked radio systems and radio accessories to meet each individual customer’s requirements.

Excited for our future

Most recently, our core routes as a leading provider of Hytera and Kenwood products have provided us with a strong base for expansion into other areas of communication. This has made it even easier for us to offer flexible, bespoke solutions that meet each of our customer’s individual requirements, without exceeding the budget.

Advancements in two way radio -

The new digital age in radio has seen our company developing many new applications such as job management systems, personnel and vehicle tracking, text messaging and emailing to radios.


Our philosophy is simply to provide high quality communications equipment carefully selected to meet each customer's individual requirements. We strive to provide our customers with real long-term and flexible solutions as apposed to short term off-the-shelf answers which would prove inadequate and potentially costly in the future.


Our impressive headquarters are based in an ideal central location in Ripley, Derbyshire with good links to the A38 and M1. The building itself houses our broad team of professionals across all departments in both Zycomm and W3Z superfast broadband including – direct sales, trade sales, engineering, marketing, accounts, administration and warehouse. Our fully equipped onsite workshop has all of the latest technology and enables us to provide an efficient service and repair centre with fast turnaround times.



At Zycomm, we specialise in offering comprehensive communication solutions that are tailored to your precise needs. No matter what you need, and no matter how long you need it for, we’re here to help. From initial site surveys and consultations, to installations and long-term servicing, our services cover the entire lifespans of projects. And if you’ve got something more specific in mind, we’ve even got software engineers on hand to programme bespoke solutions for your business. For more information about any of our services, call now on 01773 570 123.

Site Survey

Before you place your order, our qualified engineers can carry out a professional site survey to ensure that our equipment is suitable for your intended use. With our site surveys, you can rest assured that our equipment will be fully functional, and that there will be no nasty surprises after installation.


To ensure that everything can perform as safely and efficiently as possible, we provide installation services for all the equipment we offer. From a discrete vehicle installation, to a high profile control room fit out, we will provide a first class installation that complies with the most demanding health and safety guidelines.

Hire AND Rental

No matter how many two way radios you need, and no matter how long or for what purpose you need them for, we can help. We have a varied range of two way radios available for hire, lease, and rental on flexible short term and long term contracts.

Our radio hire services can accommodate one-off events, long term projects, or regular short term use, providing anything from simple, basic two way radios to complex multichannel business radio systems. Beyond the radios, we can supply you with all the equipment you need, including rapid chargers, rechargeable batteries, microphones, base stations, and even mobile tower antennae.

Click here to learn more about our radio hire service.

Short-Term Hire

We routinely hire two way radios for short term periods ranging from a single day to a single year. If you’re not prepared to make a long-term, capital commitment, but you still need to use two way radios, our short term hire services provide an ideal solution.

With our short term hire service, we’ve supplied two way radios for a huge range of applications, including motor racing, horse racing, summer fetes, carnivals, regattas, and air displays. Our radios are an invaluable tool for the smooth running of any event, and they can be hired for as little as £1 a day.

Long Term Rental

If you need radios for longer than one year, we offer discounted rental rates for exclusive periods of up to five years. This is ideal for companies that understand the logistical benefits that two way radios offer, but are not given a capital budget for them, such as leisure centres.

Our long term rentals are available at short notice and with next day delivery where necessary.

Service AND Maintenance Contracts

Once you start using radio communications, you may start to wonder how you ever got by without. So in the rare event that your equipment breaks down, you’ll want a repair as quickly as possible. Luckily, we offer three levels of maintenance contract so that no matter how elaborate your operations, you can benefit from the cover you need.

Click here to learn more about our engineering services.

Software Applications

At Zycomm, we’ve got a fantastic team of software developers on our side, allowing us to provide software solutions to integrate radio systems within your specific business sector. Whether you need a job allocation system, or a system that indicates in which part of a building fire alarms are going off, we can provide solutions to suit every individual requirement.

Microwave Links

Our advanced wireless systems are commonly used for both public and private networks, and they are perfect for voice and data communications. For more information about any of our services, call now on 01773 570 123.

Additional Services

Aerial & Communication Sites

Accurate coloured computer-generated coverage prediction maps for any of these sites can be provided usually within the same day. We need to know the frequency, power levels, mobile / portable and base station antenna parameters you wish to employ.

Alport Heights, Derbyshire
SK306516 314M asl.

The premier communications site in the East Midlands. 3 x 32 Metre free-standing F/L triangular section towers, 3 equipment rooms, two of which are above ground offering normal access and a further equipment room totally below ground level offering higher security and good temperature control. Automatic stand-by generator facility in operation.

Tuxford, Nottinghamshire
SK705708 91M asl.

A new for new 35 Metre Rasmussen triangular section tower and equipment room is now installed. Base grillage has also been installed for an Eve Type 6 tower should a future further upgrade be required.

Ripley, Derbyshire
SK408505 154M asl.

Located at the Zycomm offices at Nottingham Road, Ripley, 42 Metre free-standing F/L triangular section tower with all services and various accommodation.

Smisby, Leicestershire / Derbyshire
SK346200 201M asl.

A recently installed 49 Metre square Rasmussen Tower and new equipment room, approximately 200 metres north of the Vodafone site.

Highoredish, North East Derbyshire
SK356594 295M asl.

A new 45 Metre free-standing square section Rasmussen tower and purpose built equipment room is now available.

Peasunhurst Quarry, Nr Chesterfield Derbyshire
SK317665 320M asl.

A 32 Metre free-standing triangular section tower and extensive equipment room.

Tuxford, Nottinghamshire
SK705708 91M asl.

A new for new 35 Metre Rasmussen triangular section tower and equipment room is now installed. Base grillage has also been installed for an Eve Type 6 tower should a future further upgrade be required.

Ipstones Edge, Staffordshire Moorlands
SK050499 380M asl.

A 25 Metre guyed pole mast with rectangular brick equipment room. Subject to planning to be replaced with 25 Metre guyed triangular section lattice mast in the near future.

Bowstones Gate, Disley, Manchester
SJ974814 407 M asl.

A 12 Metre free standing round mast with large equipment room overlooking Manchester and the Cheshire Plain.

Dundry Downs, Bristol
ST555666 254M asl.

A new 30 Metre free-standing triangular section tower and GRP equipment room is now installed.

Mapperley Nottingham
SK593436 120M asl.

Located at Plains Road Mapperley. 32 Metre Eve Type 6 free-standing triangular section tower and accommodation room.

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Community Repeaters

Over the next 2 years it is our aim to convert many of the following CBS units to MPT1327 signalling and where practicable, where multiple units per site exist, to trunk the channels in the interests of spectrum efficiency. This may involve relocating some customers.

GARROWBY, North Yorkshire

(1)VHF High Band -
Located at Millington Grange
Base 166.8500 Mobile 171.6500 CTCSS

HIGH BRADFIELD, South Yorkshire

(1) UHF Down Band -
Located at Aircall Site
Base 441.7375 Mobile 427.2375 CTCSS

HIGHORDISH, North East Derbyshire

(1) VHF High Band - Base 165.4375 Mobile 170.2375 CTCSS
(1) VHF Low Band - Base 82.3000 Mobile 68.8000 MPT1327
Located at Zycomm Site

TUXFORD, North Nottinghamshire

(1) VHF Low Band -
Located at Zycomm Site
Base 87.1750 Mobile 77.1750 CTCSS

BARDON HILL, Leicestershire

UHF Down Band -
Located at EME Site
Base 442.1500 Mobile 427.6500 CTCSS


(1) VHF Low Band -
Base 81.8000 Mobile 68.3000 CTCSS

TURNERS HILL, Birmingham

UHF Down Band -
Located at Edwin Richard's Quarry
Base 441.7375 Mobile 427.2375 CTCSS


(3) VHF Low Band - Base 86.2625 Mobile 72.7625 CTCSS
Located at Zycomm Site - Base 86.7750 Mobile 76.7750 CTCSS
Base 87.3500 Mobile 77.3500 CTCSS


(1) VHF Mid Band -
Located at Zycomm Site
Base 164.7875 Mobile 160.2875 CTCSS


(1) VHF High Band - Base 165.3625 Mobile 170.1625 CTCSS
(2) VHF Low Band - Base 87.3250 Mobile 77.3250 CTCSS
Base 86.7875 Mobile 76.7875 MPT1327
(2) UHF Down Band - Base 441.2500 Mobile 426.7500 CTCSS
Located at Zycomm Site
Base 441.3750 Mobile 426.8750 CTCSS IPSTONES, East Staffordshire
VHF Low Band -
Located at Zycomm Site
Base 86.8875 Mobile 76.8875 CTCSS

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Zycall Trunked Regional Network

Based at Alport Heights Derbyshire; Smisby Leicestershire and Peasunhurst Derbyshire. Find out more about Zycall, coverage and costs.


Alport Heights, Derbyshire

Smisby, Leicestershire

Peasunhurst, Derbyshire

1. For Round the Clock Service (24 hour)
Service Single Site Two Sites Three Sites
Despatcher £20.00 £20.00 £20.00
Fleetcall £14.00 £18.00 £22.00
Mobile to Mobile £20.00 £24.00 £28.00
2. Twilight Service (18.00 - 07.00 + all day Sat and Sun)
Service Single Site Two Sites Three Sites
Despatcher £10.00 £10.00 £10.00
Fleetcall £9.00 £13.00 £17.00
Mobile to Mobile £15.00 £19.00 £23.00

All prices are per unit per month.
Initial Registration Fee: £50.00 per unit
Base Initiated Group Call: No extra charge
Short Data Messages - SDM-1: No extra charge when subscribed to any voice tariff.

For more information about Zycall please use this online form or, if you prefer, telephone our head office on 01773 570123.

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