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We understand that investing in reliable communications for your business can be quite daunting. By talking face to face with one of our friendly professionals, we will ensure that you are filled with piece of mind that the equipment you choose is the best option for you and your business. To book an onsite demonstration of the equipment that we can offer please fill in the below form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.



We're currently celebrating 40 years at CSE Zycomm

We've spent that time sharing our radio communication expertise with customers and providing solutions for security, construction, event organisers and over 50 different industries in the UK and beyond.

Many people also know us for our W3Z Wireless Broadband service providing superfast flexible internet to hard to reach areas within Derbyshire and surrounding East Midlands counties

What We Do

We specialise in Digital Radio Systems, two way radios and other communication and security solutions. In addition we offer a full suite of radio services including radio repair, radio hire and radio maintenance

Our extensive years within the telecommunications industry means we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with customers of all sizes from SME's to multi-national organisations.

Proud of our past

CSE Zycomm was founded by Ian Sneap in 1979 and in the 40 years since we have reached many milestones built from a strong emphasis on product knowledge, innovation and system design. Our team includes a large number of technical experts including Paul Greenhough who recently celebrated 35 years at CSE Zycomm. We also have a dedicated sales team, service team and W3Z Broadband team who specialise in providing you with custom solutions.


Excited For Our Future

CSE Zycomm work closely with suppliers Hytera, Kenwood, Motorola and other renowned suppliers to provide the very latest in instant communication technology. We offer Push to Talk over Cellular products, microwave links and push the boundaries on system integration with alarm systems, lift systems and much more. We recently launched the innovative remote monitoring XNMS  service. The perfect blend of Hytera technology and CSE Zycomm expertise allowing us to work with companies with complex radio systems to closely monitor the effectiveness of their repeaters and base stations.

W3Z broadband is expanding constantly with new access points available on a frequent basis, most recently a new connection in Calow, East of Chesterfield. 


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simply to provide high quality communications equipment carefully selected to meet each customer's individual requirements. We strive to provide our customers with real long-term and flexible solutions as apposed to short term off-the-shelf answers which would prove inadequate and potentially costly in the future.

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