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We understand that investing in reliable communications for your business can be quite daunting. By talking face to face with one of our friendly professionals, we will ensure that you are filled with piece of mind that the equipment you choose is the best option for you and your business. To book an onsite demonstration of the equipment that we can offer please fill in the below form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.


Posted on 18 Jun 2019
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What to look for in a two-way radio

In the past 40 years we’ve worked with people within a whole host of job roles some of whom order radios on a frequent basis and others who have never ordered a radio before.New customers often come to us because their communication isn’t as effective as it could be. Sometimes these are companies looking…

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Posted on 24 May 2019

Why Bodycams are more relevant than ever

Why Bodycams are more relevant than ever Body worn cameras offer a whole host of protection, detection and prevention solutions. Delving into a world of different sectors we’ve shared why bodycams have growing importance and prevalence throughout the UK with reference to articles released as recently…

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Posted on 30 Apr 2019
Two-way radios Manufacturing

BASF plc Case Study: Intrinsically-Safe Atex radio communication

"The Atex radio features are excellent, if there was an accident or an issue such as a spillage this could be resolved quickly before it escalates." BASF plc is the leading supplier of polyurethane solutions for systems and specialities, which BASF plc develops, manufactures and supplies to customers…

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Posted on 25 Apr 2019
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Personalised Weekly Radio System Reports

We now have the facility to send you personalised weekly radio system reports in a format of your choice (PDF or Excel) allowing you to keep track of your communication channels. This report provides you with clear data on your radio systems and repeaters so you can see patterns and usage by radio ID.…

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Posted on 23 Apr 2019
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Celebration of Paul Greenhough's 35 year achievement

On the afternoon of April 18th, the staff of Zycomm and W3Z celebrated 35 years of Paul Greenhough’s devoted employment with the company. The actual date was a couple of weeks earlier, but Paul was busy over that weekend working at the Varsity Boat Race on the Thames in London. He was handling the Radio…

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Posted on 09 Apr 2019
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Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters

For wide area coverage a repeater is often required. However, when mains electricity isn’t available our renewable energy powered repeaters offer an effective alternative solution.  The communication dilemma in remote areas In remote settings where communication is crucial mobile phones are rarely…

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Posted on 29 Mar 2019
About Zycomm Services Leisure and Tourism

Why are two way radios still used instead of mobile phones?

Why two way radios reign supreme in a world of mobile phones Mobile phones continue to evolve all the time, replacing wallets, watches and a whole host of other devices. As a business specialising in telecommunications we often get asked “Why do businesses need two-way radios when they could use mobile…

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Posted on 27 Mar 2019
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2019 Radio Repair Pricing Leaflet now available

NEWS---OUR 2019 REPAIR PRICING LEAFLET IS NOW AVAILABLE------ Contact service@zycomm.co.uk to get a copy of our repairs leaflet for licence free and licenced (analogue and digital) radios. We repair a number of brands including Kenwood, Motorola and Hytera (for whom we are an approved repairer). Read…

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Posted on 22 Mar 2019
About Zycomm Services Construction

New Remote Monitoring Service Launched for Radio Systems

Maintenance with a difference. An insider view into your own radio systems performance. Your powerful prevention tool Introducing XNMS – Your Powerful Prevention Platform Our service team have implemented Hytera’s Extended Network Management System (XNMS) for radio systems. We are now able to set up…

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