Posted on Dec 01, 2017

5 Reasons why two way radio can improve your communication and security this Christmas

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Two Way Radio can improve your communication and security this Christmas, here's how.

Every year the Christmas season is one of the busiest times for businesses in a whole range of industries. In particular high street retailers and popular go to nightlife spots in towns and cities see a surge in customers coming through their doors. This higher demand brings with it higher pressures where communication and security become even more important to insure the safety and well-being of every individual.

At Zycomm, we provide Two Way Radio services for Retailers, Restaurants, Bars and Pubs, making sure that they’re well equipped to handle any situation that my occur over the festive season. We believe more owners and managers should be aware of the benefits that Two Way Radio can bring to them. We have come up with 5 reasons as to why Two Way Radio can really help you this Christmas.


  1. Communication
    The improvements that Two Way Radio can make to a business’s communication are endless. Firstly, digital Two Way Radios are able to offer a variety of communication forms, instead of the analogue set to set form, for example, digital two way radio offers the normal verbal communication but many handsets can offer a text messaging service also, enabling users and team members to get information to one another if there is information of a sensitive nature that others need to know.  
    Two Way Radios can also offer voice enhancement features, latest technology in Digital Radio (DMR) allows the handsets to cut out the loudest of sounds. This allows workers to communicate much clearer in noisy environments, in a busy shopping centre or busy pub/bar for example.

  2. Safety
    Businesses with a lack of communication during busy times can increase the risk of danger. Many issues can be solved quicker and more efficiently if every team member of a business can communicate and connect with one another wherever they may be on the site. Two Way Radios minimise the danger that comes with loss of or poor communication.

  3. Organisation
    Two Way Radios allow businesses to be more organised. Due to digital technology, the clear communication it provides enables team members to be precise and efficient when giving out instructions allowing operations and tasks under busy and hectic situations to run a lot smoother. Businesses who do not have Two Way Radio communications suffer in being able to manage large teams and keep duties on schedule. 

  4. Reliable and Rugged
    Many Digital Two Way Radios now are tough and durable, able to withstand any drops that could possibly occur. Their reliability also stretches beyond their toughness. Where with mobile phones, an alternative to Two Way Radio, busy areas can cause disruption to communication because the cell phone lines become busy and unusable. Two Way Radios do not have this issue and under any situation can still stay connected. 

  5. Tracking
    Another great feature of Digital Radio is its use of GPS. Digital Two Way Radios are able to track and locate other team members showcasing how efficient they can be during critical situations. This will allow team members to not only be clear in their communication as to where they are during an emergency or possible issue but they can also send messages across to other team member’s radios, pin pointing their exact location and where the incident is taking place.  


To find out more information on how Two Way Radios can help you over this Christmas season please get in touch with our expert team today via our website or by calling 01773 570 123.