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We understand that investing in reliable communications for your business can be quite daunting. By talking face to face with one of our friendly professionals, we will ensure that you are filled with piece of mind that the equipment you choose is the best option for you and your business. To book an onsite demonstration of the equipment that we can offer please fill in the below form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.


Posted on 29 Mar 2019
About Zycomm Services Leisure and Tourism

Why are two way radios still used instead of mobile phones?

Why two way radios reign supreme in a world of mobile phones Mobile phones continue to evolve all the time, replacing wallets, watches and a whole host of other devices. As a business specialising in telecommunications we often get asked “Why do businesses need two-way radios when they could use mobile…

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Posted on 27 Mar 2019
About Zycomm Services Waste Management

2019 Radio Repair Pricing Leaflet now available

NEWS---OUR 2019 REPAIR PRICING LEAFLET IS NOW AVAILABLE------ Contact service@zycomm.co.uk to get a copy of our repairs leaflet for licence free and licenced (analogue and digital) radios. We repair a number of brands including Kenwood, Motorola and Hytera (for whom we are an approved repairer). Read…

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Posted on 22 Mar 2019
About Zycomm Services Construction

New Remote Monitoring Service Launched for Radio Systems

Maintenance with a difference. An insider view into your own radio systems performance. Your powerful prevention tool Introducing XNMS – Your Powerful Prevention Platform Our service team have implemented Hytera’s Extended Network Management System (XNMS) for radio systems. We are now able to set up…

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Posted on 13 Mar 2019
Communication Hospitality

Milford Care tips for communicating with elderly patients

MILFORD CARE TIPS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH ELDERLY PATIENTS Here at Zycomm we live and breathe the art of communication. We provide solutions day in day out for customers across the country with our two-way radios; but what happens when the people you want to reach out to can’t always communicate in…

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Posted on 20 Feb 2019
Hytera radios Emergency Services

Large scale job management solution for hospitals

With 50 porters and over 1000 jobs a day, read more on how we helped one hospital achieve 100% on one of their SLA requirements for an extensive portering team…. The Scenario We have developed an application which runs a link between Job Management software and a digital radio system. To demonstrate…

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Posted on 19 Feb 2019
Two-way radios Emergency Services

Using two way radios in care homes and other nursing settings

Two way radios have many uses in a vast range of healthcare settings. In this article we will concentrate on the effect radios can have in the nursing home environment. We have split this article into two sections. The first will focus on the radios features that make a real difference in the care home…

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Posted on 12 Feb 2019
Two-way radios Safety Features

Find your perfect Zycomm Match

With valentine’s day coming up we’ve shared some of the candidates from our products and services for the perfect radio date. After a whirlwind romance? If you aren’t ready to commit to a long-term relationship our short term hire solutions are perfect for you. Get serenaded at a musical festival,…

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Posted on 31 Jan 2019
Two-way radios Emergency Services

Derbyshire Cave Rescue - A complete new world of underground Communications

  On a cold winter’s evening in early January I went on a journey further North to visit 3 gentlemen with a particularly niche set of rescue skills. These were core members of the Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation who kindly allowed me to visit them in Buxton to talk to them about everything from…

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Posted on 30 Jan 2019
CCTV Agriculture

Steven's Farm CCTV Case Study

We are pleased to share our latest case study, sharing our CCTV solution for one of our long-standing farmer customers. Follow the link to read more about our fast turnaround, the features of the great system and the benefits of installing CCTV in a rural setting https://www.zycomm.co.uk/case-studies/stevens-farm.html     CCTV…

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