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Posted on 06 Mar 2017
Two-way radios Leisure and Tourism

Two Way Radios For Film & Television

Communication and Planning are vital to produce Films and Television programmes.  Large teams of staff simultaneously work both together and individually to produce both the visual and audio aspects of the Film/TV programme. As such it is vital to have an efficient and effective Two-Way Radio (Walkie…

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Posted on 01 Mar 2017
Two-way radios Leisure and Tourism

Success for Derbyshire Shopwatch using Zycomm Two way radios

  Zycomm's Two-Way Radios have featured in The Ripley & Heanor News as a result of their success as an integral part of the local Shopwatch scheme in Derbyshire. If you wish to talk to us about how we can complement your Pubwatch or Shopwatch scheme get in touch on 01773 570123 or email sales@zycomm.co.uk. "A…

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Posted on 22 Feb 2017
About Zycomm Services Agriculture

Why two way radios are still vital for your business

Every business operation needs reliable communication within its workforce. Whether you’re directing a teammate across a busy warehouse, alerting a colleague to an emergency in a noisy music festival or calling your co-workers back to base at an overloaded event – you need to be able to keep your communications…

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Posted on 08 Nov 2016
Two-way radios Emergency Services

5 Situations Where Radio Communication Is Essential

Radios are used all over the world to communicate, and there are some instances where two-way radios are helpful, and others where they are crucial. Two-way radios can save lives by enabling communication when things go wrong, or when urgent help is needed. We are proud to make products that play such…

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Posted on 13 Sep 2016
Two-way radios Construction

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Explained

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Explained For most of two way radio history, analogue radios have set the standard and transformed communication within a wide range of industries, from the emergency services, through to the construction site, but there does come a further improvement to this; in the form…

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Posted on 07 Sep 2016
Two-way radios Security

Security, service and the importance of two way radio

Picture the scenario: You’re at one end of a city centre club, there’s trouble taking place and the security is nowhere to be seen. Maybe you’re serving impatient diners at a busy restaurant and the meal they want is no longer available but no one told you? You might even be marshalling at a music festival…

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Posted on 31 Aug 2016
Two-way radios Event Management

Noise Cancellation – How To Hear Clearly In A Crowd

In certain situations, you need a two way radio that can deliver crisp sound, even in the most crowded places. The noise from a crowd can be overwhelming, and it’s very frustrating if your team can’t hear a word you are saying through your radio. Thankfully, we supply two way radios that have noise cancellation,…

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Posted on 04 Aug 2016
About Zycomm Services Event Management

Two way radios vs Mobile Phones at Events

Some events simply couldn’t run without the use of two-way radios. From sporting events to music events, two-way radios are at the glue that holds everything together. Staff need to be updated on an incidents that happen, crowds need to be managed, and venues need to remain safe and secure. The average…

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