Posted on Jan 26, 2018

A focus on: The Kenwood NX-3000 Series

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We love being an official supplier for Kenwood Communications and this week we are focussing on their digital mobile radio series the NX-3000.

Taking features and capabilities from the mission control NX-5000 series, the NX-3000 series is perfect for commercial and business users whilst being cost-effective. Within the NX-3000 series comes 3 configurations of portable radio: Full keypad, standard key and basic (without LCD screen or keypad).


All 3 configurations come with great capabilities to enhance commercial and business communication. GPS, Bluetooth, Clear sound, Worker safety measures, Voice recording, Toughness and encryption are features that all 3 handsets have in common. The full keypad and standard keypad both with LCD screens can also accommodate text messaging.

Designed for All Shapes and sizes:

All 3 radios are designed to fit in different systems. The NX-3000 series is able to accommodate a whole range of sites and sizes. From a single site, between 16 to 48 sites, up to 48 sites and up to 1000 sites, The NX-3000 series ability to operate in digital protocol allows users to extend their channel capacity.

Clearly and Confidently:

The main key feature that the NX-3000 series lends to its users is the ability to provide clear and efficient communication. Auto Recording is a feature that records and plays back past conversations. Users can at times be occupied whilst receiving a call, this function allows any names or information that may have been missed the first time to be saved and played again. In addition, Active Noise Reduction allows the NX-3000 radios to eliminate ambient noise; this makes sure that the caller appears to be making a call from a noiseless environment; the listener of the call is then able to take in the information clearly with no interference which can then be acted on quickly and efficiently.

For more information on the brilliant Kenwood Communication NX-3000 Series watch the dedicated video here or call our expert team today on 01773 570 123.