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International Angler Gives his Top Tips

Bernie Maher International Angler Fishing Tips

Behind every event there is a site owner who helps make them possible. The family day out Learn To Fish organised by non-profit organisation PCFWW was no different.

Bernie Maher is a man wearing many different hats when it comes to the Fishing Community from competing as an International Angler through to working to maintain Press Manor Fishing Lakes; Bernie is a highly active member of the UK’s fishing community.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes

Based in the picturesque parish of Ashover in Derbyshire, Press Manor Fishing Lakes boasts 3 specialist lakes teeming with wildlife and specimen fish of all types. The large site includes a 5.5 acre Trout Lake popular amongst Fly Fishermen, a 3.5 acre Carp Lake well stocked with Carp averaging around 15lb which have been caught up to 26.5lb. As well as a secluded 3.5 acre Coarse Lake situated far away from traffic, walkways and power cables.

Press Manor Fishing Lakes

Bernie’s Tips for Fishermen

Trout Lake

Look at cobwebs for natural flies that have been trapped, and fish an artificial imitation as close as possible.

Carp Lake

“Boilies go down a treat at Press Manor for catching bigger fish over longer periods and to stop the smaller fish disintegrating your bait. ’Pop Up Boilies’ are recommended on one of your rods. Both Coarse and Carp lakes can be fished with tickets issued on the bank. To fish at night a phone call is required to book on in advance.” Phone numbers can be found on the Press Manor website www.pressmanorfishinglakes.com

Coarse Lake

Plumb the depth of the water you are fishing, its amazing how many anglers who fish at Press Manor guess, and don’t catch as many fish as they should.

The art of Fly Fishing and Tuition

Fly fishing uses artificial flies to replicate beasties in and on the water. Artificial flies and attractors mimic and similar species  which the fish are conditioned to catch in their native waters. Historically fly fishermen used long rods strung with horse hair and live fly bait. Over 100 years ago a man called James Ogden turned up on the River Wye in Derbyshire with a much shorter line and artificial flies kickstarting an evolution of the well-loved fishing pastime and still heavily influences the way Northern fisherman carry out the sport today.

Most fisherman start with coarse fishing, as its’ a little easier’ to start . “With Fly Fishing there is a skill to casting at the introductory stage. Once this is mastered fishermen can experiment further and learn over time as they would with coarse fishing”. Bernie is AAPGAI qualified and offers tuition to help fishermen who want to experiment with fly fishing master their casting skills. Contact Bernie directly for more information at www.pressmanorfishinglakes.com. Bernie says “It’s a bit like golf, once you’ve got the swing, or in this case casting right, the rest will follow.” All equipment is supplied

Press Manor Fishing Lakes Banner

International Fisherman

Bernie often ventures beyond the idyllic countryside of Derbyshire to compete in fishing competitions all over the world. Bernie competed in Montenegro for the English Team this year, and will also compete for England in Tasmania in October as well as New Zealand in 2020.

Conservation of local rivers

He has worked closely with PCFWW (Protecting Club Fishing Water and Wildlife) over the past 4 years to provide an excellent venue to host the Learn to Fish event and ensure the next generation continue to enjoy fishing and preserve the rivers and lakes for decades to come.