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Back to School for Hytera Radios

Teachers and school staff work hard to make sure their communication with their pupils is exceptional. Our radios allow you to communicate with each other and keep everyone safe and in the loop whether you’re in the classroom or 100 miles away on a school trip. We’ve highlighted a few of our favourite radios for different school purposes and what makes them stand out.

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School Events – Radio Hire Services

School events can be a great way to kickstart the new term and especially to welcome new additions to Reception, Year 7 and Sixth Form. The Hytera PD705LT is rugged and robust, cost effective and most importantly easy to use. It can be programmed with emergency features to keep your staff and pupils safe and comes with an IP67 rating. This means its dust and water proof in the event of an unexpected downpour. Our radio hire prices start very low and we can also offer additional ear pieces to act as a noise cancellation tool.

PD705LT advantages durable lightweight, resilient to harsh environments

School Trips and Small Schools
The new BD305LF is a great solution for both small schools or for communication on school trips. This is a licence-free digital option so this can easily be bought in without costly licencing offering an ideal slim, lightweight option that can be easily carried.

Hytera BD305LF
Duke of Edinburgh Awards and other athletic expeditions
For school expeditions including the Duke of Edinburgh awards the PD705G comes in handy due to its GPS tracking feature. If different groups become separated on a trip they can easily locate each other. The encrypted radio provides data protection to ensure no one else can listen in on conversations and emergency features allow groups to call for back up.

GPS Tracking location example in hilly area

Large School sites
The PD705  option comes in handy for large sites that need a wider area cover with lone worker and emergency features to get messages across quickly. These radios are also useful for risk assessment and school shutdown plans with an all call feature to alert each radio user to any serious incident. What’s more these licenced radios offer additional protection, safeguarding and helps with GDPR compliance by stopping other radio users hearing sensitive conversations from inside the school. We can also offer radio encryption as a further failsafe.

Swanwick High School

Swanwick High School's use of the Hytera PD705

Radio Systems and Colleges

Finally the PD505 is a great companion for large schools who opt for a radio system. Radio Systems provide extra radio coverage and functionality. We offer free sites surveys for schools along with free trials so we can assess your full requirements

If you’re looking at options for your school we can put you in touch with our sales executive Sam Hills who specialises in radio solutions schools. She can help discuss the best option for you by asking a few simple questions.

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