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FarmWatcherUK Takes Large Steps to Prevent Rural Crime

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Zycomm are involved with security and safety every day as we help over a thousand customers to communicate effectively. To add to this, we work closely with different networks to further the effect of our Corporate Social Responsibility including helping Police and local businesses to implement shopwatch and pubwatch schemes and our Managing Director Ruth’s ongoing board member & marketing involvement in The CSSC East Midlands region with onward cascading of new security alerts and advice.

As part of this expansion we also like to make our customers and contacts aware of sector specific initiatives which share their resources to keep people safe. The actions of FarmWatcherUK are likely to be of particular interest to our agricultural and farming customers.

What is FarmWatcherUK?

FarmWatcherUK is the UK’s number one rural crime network. Working alongside local police intelligence officers, farmers and members of the public, FarmWatcherUK reports live theft information across all areas of rural crime.

FarmWatcherUK was created in February 2014 by Andrea Stephenson following thefts from her brother’s farm, with their neighbouring farmer also suffering the unfortunate loss of 30 sheep taken at around the same time.

Andrea says “Rural crime has increased across the UK and with my career and expertise in digital communications and social media, I realised the best way to raise awareness of this was to build a strong online community to allow users to share crime alerts quickly.”

Their following and drive

This impressive online network has now grown exponentially since its inception with the average post reaching over 100,000 people. There is growing interest from major media outlets such as the BBC and ITV who routinely request updated information from this platform. FarmWatcherUK is also actively involved with various Police forces throughout the country and are continually looking at ways to help raise awareness of rural crime.

Although we can never fully stop rural crime we can prevent as much as possible by joining together to share information.

NFU figures show this is a real problem

“Based on our claims data, we estimate rural crime cost the UK £44.5m last year (2017). With an increase of 13.4% on the previous year, rural crime is rising at its fastest rate since 2010.” NFU figures https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/farming/ruralcrime/

Examples of FarmWatcherUK posts

THEFT NOTICES – This can be vehicles including farm machinery as well as livestock. Not only does this help spread the word to help catch those responsible but it also helps farmers in the nearby area to remain vigilant (or even further afield as to what extra security measures need to be taken).

POACHING ALERTS - Allowing estate owners and farmers to stay on top of where these illegal activities are happening and to ensure game birds and fisheries are not targeted out of season.

EDUCATION – For example sharing details and warnings to dog walkers on the detrimental effects of ‘sheep worrying’ helping to minimise casualties which are sadly on the increase.

POLICE UPDATES – Sharing good news when perpetrators are caught and sharing additional ‘as it happens’ news.

Landrover picture from FarmwatcherUK facebook page

How to follow FarmWatcherUK

You can follow FarmWatcherUK using the following accounts to benefit from these updates.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/farmwatcher/  87,682 people follow this

Twitter - @FarmWatcherUK 6448 followers

LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/farmwatcheruk

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