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Find your perfect Zycomm Match

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With valentine’s day coming up we’ve shared some of the candidates from our products and services for the perfect radio date.

After a whirlwind romance?

If you aren’t ready to commit to a long-term relationship our short term hire solutions are perfect for you. Get serenaded at a musical festival, take a day at the races or go for a long-term rental if you can’t bear to part with your new beloved.

They’d walk 500 miles for you….

Our IPTT radio PTToC technology will travel from the hills of Scotland to the depths of Cornwall and beyond. With 97% UK wide coverage find out why this radio is causing a stir.

Want to get caught in the rain?

Worry not, our waterproof Hytera PD705 will whisk you off your feet, and with emergency features ready and waiting this radio is never afraid to take the plunge for love.

Waterproof radio - Hytera PD705LT

Want a relationship with a bit of spark?

Our intrinsically-safe ATEX Hytera models including the PD715 EX can withstand a fiery personality (or a site with a potentially explosive atmosphere).

Intrinsically safe Atex two way radio on site from Hytera

Mend a broken heard?

We can repair a wide range of radio models, getting them back to you quick as a flash and good as new.

98% Match for Zycomm

Want a date with someone your friends will approve of? Why not take a look at our Hytera Product PD785. Want to hear the gossip first hand? Watch our video on just why this radio is so great here.


Want a relationship that will last? Take advantage of the ultimate match maker….Us of course!!

Zycomm colleague reads a Valentines Day Card

Our team specialise in finding the perfect radio for your business, our highly durable range of radio options will last the distance. There’s a radio out there for everyone you just need to find the right one.

We know every business and sector is different so with our wealth of experience we can listen to your needs, ask a few questions and provide you with a free trial…because who knows whether a relationship will work without going on a few dates!

To be matched with your perfect radio Contact Zycomm