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Forever at your SERVICE: Adam talks life on the road

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What engineering support events do you have a ‘soft spot’ for and why?

Anything sports related, I’m very passionate about a wide variety of sports and enjoy it when I see the radio communications and systems we deploy ensuring the event runs smoothly.


When you provide an annual service do you have any tips you’d like to share with our customers?

I almost always find radios used in warehouses get lost because they forget to allocate a pick-up bay for them’ etc etc? Absolutely, always look after your radio and your radio will look after you, a couple of useful tips are to always ensure the radio is switched off when charging and never hold a radio by it’s aerial as it can damage both the aerial and aerial socket.

Any system maintenance tips for look after a radio system?

Our motto is “Prevention is better than cure.” Every so often have a visual inspection of where the radio base is stored, this ensures everything is connected and the equipment is kept clean and tidy.


Which kind of repairs do you find the most satisfying to carry out?

I really enjoy investigating the obscure faults. Using test equipment such as an oscilloscope to find the fault and then our soldering rework stations to change electrical components and then finish by testing the radio on our DMR test sets.

Which service gets the best response from customers?

Good question, I’m torn on this one between repairs and maintenance.  In my opinion we provide the UK’s number one repair service and our customers retention rate on repairs is high as we work to fast turnaround times and the quality of our repairs are second to none. On maintenance we always ensure the contract is tailored to the customer’s needs, as well as the regular annual preventative maintenance checks we are always on hand to provide advice and additional support and always going that extra mile when required.     

Which manufacturer radios benefit the most from repairs (those that require specific alignments)?

We can fully auto test and align all Motorola/Hytera radios in DMR mode and also Kenwood radios in NXDN Mode.


What are the immediate benefits customers have seen from training on-site?

The benefits are an instant understanding of their radio system, this is how it’s been configured to the functionality of each unique model of radio, the features and benefits explained such as private calling, emergency alarms, man down and lone worker activity.  The customers are left with handouts which further expand on the training given.  We feel this gives the customer the best possible start in coming to grips with their new system and makes sure they are getting the most out of it.

There are occasions if we take on a new customer and they have an existing radio system that we provide training for this, quite often they won’t know all the features and functions available so by spending some training them it can help them get more from their radio system.

Programming and installation

What’s the biggest installation we’ve undertaken?

What springs to mind, is the three Leicester hospitals, this was a complex system, linking three hospitals (Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester General and Glenfield), with well over 200 hand portable radios, 8 fixed mobiles and 15 repeaters. This system provides the facility for radios to talk across sites or on-site locally plus the radio system links into a job management system meaning that jobs can be assigned and managed using the radios on site The last known figures was that the radio system was handling over 1million text messages a year.

Where’s the furthest you have travelled to provide ANY service type for Zycomm

Zycomm as a whole go all over the UK and beyond to help customers. From recent memory we have provided technical support as far North as Perth in Scotland and as far South as Brighton.

How can our customers get in touch if they have any questions?

Customers can contact the service department directly using service@zycomm.co.uk

Adam Prokopiw

Engineering Service Manager

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