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Three reasons why Construction companies and workers attending Hillhead 2018 should speak to our communication experts

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On June 26th – 28th, the annual Hillhead Show takes place at Hillhead Quarry in Buxton, Derbyshire; right on the doorstep of Zycomm – other than the beautiful scenery the area has to offer we are looking forward to meeting all of the construction companies and supply chain members to explain the great benefits we have to offer with Two Way Radio communication.

Our professional and friendly team will be on hand throughout the three day event at stand PB37 to ensure representatives from across the construction and quarry industries have access to our unique insights gained over a near 40 years providing radio and communication solutions. These products can be hugely beneficial to your operations, whether you are looking to improve safety around site, enhance efficient communication instead of relying on mobile signal, or simply allow your teams to work as efficiently as possible – we have the solution for you!

At Zycomm we have a range of dedicated blogs, and articles geared towards the industries that will be in attendance at Hillhead. Here we look at 3 reasons why Two Way Radio features can benefit Construction companies and their workers:

Rugged and Reliable

Two Way Radios need to be able to withstand a few bangs and knocks; especially on construction sites where drops are going to be inevitable. Most two way radios are now rugged and reliable and come with high IP ratings allowing them to also combat dust, dirt, and water that may harm alternative communication solutions.

Lone Workers

It’s common to see ‘Lone Workers’ on building sites. Two Way Radios have features especially for lone workers in case of emergency - communication is vital to their safety at all times when away from base or other workers. Emergency button, ‘Man Down’ and ‘Lone Worker’ features are available with digital two-way radios, with systems capable to be set to trigger an alarm tone, which will alert other radio users if there is a problem. The alarm system can be programmed to trigger when any of the following occur:

- The Worker’s radio is tilted at an unusual angle for a predetermined time – Man Down mode

- The emergency button is pressed

- There is excessive or lack of motion (occurring in ‘no movement’ mode)

- The radio is inactive after a predetermined time – Lone Worker mode

- The operator fails to respond to a message

The radio can be programmed to operate an ‘open-mic’ function if there is an alarm. The system also has prevention features to avoid false alarms; the radio will alert the user that an alarm will be sent unless activity is detected.

Battery life

Construction workers need to have reliable communication throughout their shift without needing to replace dead batteries or recharge their handset, avoiding deterioration in work and communication. Modern digital Two Way Radio technology is very robust and efficient, able to last long shift times due to an increase of up to 40% battery life (when compared to analogue handsets), eradicating the worry of power loss.


To hear more about our fantastic range, why not come visit us at the show – you can book your delegate place here https://registration.n200.com/survey/1e8tnww1hz4gh