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5 Security Comms Tips for a University Setting

With university open days taking place on campuses across the UK and the autumn days drawing in ahead of Freshers Week security teams find this to be a particularly busy time of year on the university grounds and student accommodation settings

The safety of students and staff are paramount during these busy times and with many unused to the university grounds this can be the time when they are the most vulnerable. Effective communication between security teams can make or break the success of university tips.

 Radio Hire Zycomm Options

We've put together five top tips for getting the most out of your radio communications during University events

1)     Maximise your radio's functionality by utilising it's emergency features -Many licenced radios can be programmed with emergency features such as the lone worker pre-alarms which allows you to easily monitor the status and well-being of staff, in addition the Man Down function instantly calls for back up if a radio user is compromised by ill health or injury and clearly visible emergency buttons which keeps safety for all at maximum levels.

2)     Group communication the power of selective sharing - By utilising the full flexibility of Group channels on your on-site radios not only keeps confidential information safe (and aids data protection) but also ensures that each group call gains the full attention of the radio users (by maximising the relevance of the call which should match the job role of the selected Group due to the Group selections). Segregating teams into Groups such as security, house-keeping & volunteer staff is a good way to separate your communications into manageable groups.

3)     All Call Instant Communication - The obvious question we get from our second top tip is what happens if there's an emergency situation and every radio user needs to hear a message at once? All Call functionality provides instant Push To Talk communication to all radio Groups at once.

4)     End to End Encryption - Licenced  two way radios keep your conversations exclusive and private from outside listeners, this protects staff as well as the university students and visitors they come into contact with on a daily basis.

5)     Radio hire (Dictate the length of your radio hire agreements) - Radio hire can be a great way to easily increase the number of radios you have on-site for an event even with short notice. However in many situations increased student numbers year on year mean these additional radios can be put to good use over a longer period. Long term radio rental can be a great way to assess if you need these extra radios long term or just to help you through a busy period without the investment of bulk radio purchases which could then end up left collecting dust or being misplaced. Maintenance agreements on long term rentals can also offer additional perks such as battery swap outs. This can also be the perfect opportunity to trial a new radio over a longer period if you are switching between types.

Radio Hire for Universities

Zycomm's popular radio hire fleet comes with well known brands and many different optional functionalities including emergency features and lightweight radios for discreet group communications. Zycomm have hire licences which means you can concentrate on using the radios and not get caught up in red tape. 

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“With 24 staff in the security team, covering 4 shifts over a 24 hour period, 365 days a year, the main aim of the communications is to protect occupants and assets of the university” Quotation from Zycomm's Nottingham Trent University Case Study