Posted on Feb 09, 2018

How Two Way Radios can support schools and school staff.

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Our work with The Pingle Academy.

Communication is key for schools to run efficiently, safely and correctly for their staff and pupils in attendance. Staff need to be on alert at all times in case of emergency or any possible issues that may occur. With the Government constantly pressing for school productivity to be improved in the midst of ongoing budget cuts, Two Way Radio solutions from Zycomm can provide these enhancements.

There are multiple features that Two Way Radios have that allow them to be perfect for school staff. Problems and issues in schools do occur; it is the reaction to these issues that can prevent situations escalating. Many Two Way Radios have GPS functionality along with Man Down and Emergency Buttons allowing the tracking of any incident on the school grounds to be an easier task. These features can help improve the efficiency and productivity of school staff in emergency situations because of this, the health and safety of staff and school throughout school grounds also enhances.   

The features above would not be able to improve and enhance schools the way they do without crystal clear communication. Old analogue systems or the use of mobile phones to communicate can cause problems due to interference and loss of signal. Digital Two Way Radios can eradicate these issues.

The Pingle Academy, Swadlincote, Derbyshire

Recently Zycomm worked with The Pingle Academy in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, to help with their communication in and around the school grounds whilst eradicating previous issues that they had. Interference was a common problem for The Pingle Academy due to their large school site. Zycomm were tasked with providing a digital Two Way Radio system that was robust, reliable and covered the whole area without interference.

Zycomm visited the school where they tested 5 devices, after discussions with the school about certain specific needs; the chosen devices were then narrowed down to two which would be used to complete the site survey. Finally, the Hytera PD365U handset was chosen by our experts and issues that The Pingle Academy once experienced no longer occur. Staff at the school can now communicate a lot clearer with one another, are able to accomplish tasks in an efficient manner; overall the Hytera handsets have helped The Pingle Academy run a lot smoother and more efficiently.

The Hytera PD365

The clarity afforded by having a dedicated frequency is exceptional. A big thank to Zycomm for being really helpful, listening to our requirements and making helpful suggestions” – Ray Humphrey, Network Manager.  

For more information regarding Two Way Radios and their benefits to educational facilities such as Schools, please get in touch with us today on 01773 570 123 where our expert team are ready with communication solutions. 

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