Posted on Nov 02, 2016

Hytera PD5 Series Health and Safety Feature Update Great in an Emergency

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Do you have Lone Workers or need an efficient health and safety communications solution? Check out the PD5 series update.

As part of Hytera’s continuous product development cycle, the PD5 series; one of our most popular DMR standard radios, now offers additional features thanks to the latest firmware update.

The firmware version upgrades the handset from V5.06.05.002 to V7.06.01.006 and offers the following improvements on the PD505 and PD565 radios.


The lone worker emergency feature provides a huge variety of health and safety functions giving you peace of mind when working in alone or remote locations. An alarm is sent across the radio system by the device that triggers the emergency, that alarm can come through as a voice, text or tone alarm.


Dispatcher functions, such as text messages, telemetry and date transfer use RRS in Hytera applications. This functionality allows a radio to register with the network for the purpose of tracking user availability and time slot usage. Unlike ARS, this service is not required to enable location reporting on radios configured with integrated GPS units.


Hytera’s PD5 series is now also supported in XPT radio systems. Hytera XPT is a cost-efficient mobile radio solution from Hytera based on proven repeater technology allowing sharing of a few radio frequency channels among a large group of users.


Emergency calls can now be sent with the PD505 and the PD565.

To benefit from the latest functionality, speak to Zycomm to discuss your upgrade.