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Hytera's BD Series at a Glance

Hytera's BD Series range of radios offers cost effectiveness at its performing best. Here we explore the simplicity of the BD305L through to the limitless channels of the Hytera BD555.

Hytera BD305LF - The Dream Budget Business Radio


Hytera BD305LF professional radio

Licence Free DMR never looked as good as this

The Hytera BD305LF offer simplicity at its cost effective best. A robust design with clear communications this digital radio comes with a compact lightweight body ideal for businesses looked for PMR446 communication without the licencing wait and works straight out of the box.

This radio comes with a long battery life and IP54 weather protection and based on Hytera innovative technology you’ll experience extended talk range. In direct mode, you can have two voice calls simultaneously utilising two DMR time slots increasing the radio traffic capacity.


Hytera BD505LF - Your Clear Communication Companion

Hytera BD505LF

The excellent reception sensitivity of the Hytera BD505LF provides an extended range with dual mode analogue and digital mode for a quick switchover. The Hytera technology cuts out interference noise even over wider areas. An excellent business radio solution for companies looking for Licence-free DMR handheld radios (PMR446).

Hytera BD505 – Use Green to cut out the guesswork

Hytera BD505

Taking licence free radios to the next level the large antenna on the Hytera BD505 enhances radio reception to give you the best coverage. An LED indicator removes the guesswork task of whether you have good radio coverage at any given moment. Problems will be flagged in red and good coverage will be shown in green. 16 channels are supported with clear transmit and receive audio quality. BD505/BD555 radios can auto-detect the signal type when receiving a call and automatically switch between the two operating modes; Analogue and Digital.

Hytera BD555 – Limitless Channels/Limitless Possibilities

Up to 256 channels can be selected on continuous locations. A display area can show channel alias, caller ID and alias, zone number, battery indicator, high/low power, and signal intensity.

Our sales team are always happy to talk you through the new radios and offer advice on whether these are the right communications tools for your business.

And just what would you use 256 channels for? Call us to discuss how we can programme zones into your radio to help with multiple locations.

Hytera BD555

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