Posted on Oct 31, 2018

If there’s something strange in your neighbourhood Who ya gonna call? Zycomm of course!

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How to keep the ghouls and spooks at bay this Halloween with our solutions

The Invisible Man

Can’t figure out whose stealing all the scooby snacks? Use our CCTV camera to get to the bottom of the mystery.

The Ghost

Struggling to be believed when something spooky is going on? Wear a bodycam and provide the evidence you need.

The Vampire

Is someone hogging the push to talk channel? Give override access to managers using our Transmit Interrupt technology

The Big Bad

Need everyone out the building and fast? Use our All Call radio feature to contact all groups and get everyone to safety

The Zombie

Use our No Movement feature to detect when site checks aren’t being done. And whilst you’re at it use Push to talk over Cellular technology to warn your friends across the country about the virus outbreak.


Install one of our mobile radios in your vehicle for communication during a quick getaway.

You can also use intercoms to detect who’s coming onto site even when you don’t have a man stationed at the gate…..because he is too busy howling at the moon!

Is there something strange in YOUR neighbourhood? CALL ZYCOMM on 01773 570123 or through our contact form 

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