Posted on Jan 18, 2017

iPTT for the Security Industry

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How can iPTT compliment your industry? We take a look at the benefits to the security industry.

iPTT is a very flexible system, it can be set up to accommodate many different types of user. Here’s an example of how iPTT can be used in the security industry.

Dave has a security company offering manned guarding, key holding and event security. Dave has previously used traditional digital and analogue two-way radios which have worked fine on events which are usually concerts or festivals, staff are never more than 1km apart. Dave’s company have won a contract to provide security for the towns up coming marathon. Staff will be spread out and at extremes be nearly 30miles apart. The traditional two-way radios which Dave currently owns won’t have a chance at working over this distance without heavy investment in repeaters, microwave links and complex multi-site licensing. iPTT will allow Dave to have secure digital communications at any job, be it a small town festival or county-wide cycle race. Our system will also allow Dave to track via PC dispatcher the location of all staff with handheld terminals and vehicles with mobile terminals fitted. iPTT is a smart investment for Dave as he now has full call recording, GPS tracking and nationwide coverage for any contracts his company may win in the future. This also allows Dave to show potential clients his commitment to staff safety and how he has invested in a top-end innovative communication technology ensuring the highest level of security for his clients.


  • PTT allows you to communicate securely worldwide.
  • Our network is digital and secure, it cannot be scanned or listened in to giving you confidence that your calls cannot be intercepted.
  • Our PC dispatcher software gives you the ability to record calls, create dynamic talk groups, stun / unstun terminals and track users via GPS.
  • Historic GPS data can be replayed on a map to prove a users previous location.
  • Terminals available include dispay, non display and fixed mobile. Giving you total flexibility for all situations.
  • All our devices can take our unique 4network auto switching SIM card or your own SIM card, we do not lock devices down.
  • A full range of audio and carrying accessories are also available for our terminals, from ear defenders to carry cases.

iPTT from Zycomm launches in January and you can sign up for more information or see our information brochure HERE.