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Large scale job management solution for hospitals

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With 50 porters and over 1000 jobs a day, read more on how we helped one hospital achieve 100% on one of their SLA requirements for an extensive portering team….

The Scenario

We have developed an application which runs a link between Job Management software and a digital radio system. To demonstrate the capabilities of this radio system, we’ll use the analogy of 50 porters and a helpdesk which dispatches jobs to the portering team.

The helpdesk inputs new jobs, sees which porters are available & sends the job to the available porter; via text message on their radios. The porter will press 1 on their radio display keypad to accept a job, press 2 to send an update that the job is in progress and pree 3 to say the job is complete. This way the helpdesk can keep track of jobs & ensure that SLA’s are met. Once the porter has completed their task the porter is automatically added back in to the list of available porters.

The job management systems we provide can be programmed to include the capacity for over 1000 jobs a day including voice calls on a 24/7 system all year round.

Tangible Results on SLAs

Our customers want to see tangible outcomes and return on investment from the two-way radio systems we install. At Leicestershire hospitals their Service Level Agreement stated that portering jobs must be attended within a 10 minute window. The completion rate for this rose to 90% and then 100% as a result of the new job management system we helped to implement. This also allowed the hospitals to maximise their use of existing staff resulting in a reduced requirement for costly agency work.

Extra Radio Functionality for porters

We supplied over 216 radios to the 3 hospital sites (Hytera PD785 being the radio of choice). These come with the popular Lone Worker function which allows porters to check in on a periodic basis to let the helpdesk know they are safe. Other safety features include the Man Down and emergency button.

Every Job Management System is Unique

We may have 40 years experience providing radio systems but every solution continues to be unique. We carry out complementary site surveys with our technical team before we advise on the radios and systems we recommend, in order to optimise your communications output. We then work with you to provide quick installation with additional reassurance options including maintenance and service agreements and battery back-ups.

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