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Is your communication Mission Critical?

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Being able to communicate quickly and effectively can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. For many businesses today, good communication enables them to deliver the products and services they supply ahead of their competitors. In addition it helps their employees stay safe and provides a valuable resource in emergency situations. In a time when communication is key we ask:

  • In the event of an emergency do you have large groups of people that need to be evacuated?

  • Does site security become more vulnerable in the event of a power failure?

  • Does your site operations rely on constant communication?

  • If your site suddenly lost power would the loss of your radio communication on site be a risk to safety, security and operations?

We have two options available to safeguard against sudden loss of power which we have shared below.

Battery Back-up solutions Options

Standard Battery Back-up for repeaters – The amount of battery ‘life’ can be adjusted to suit your system requirements, ranging from a 4 hour backup to over 36 hours. Do you need time to evacuate a site whilst still maintaining radio communications? Battery back-up would provide the ideal solution.

Uninterruptible Power supply (UPS) - On more complex systems we would highly recommend an intelligent UPS be installed. This would have the ability to email the relevant contacts to advise of a power failure giving them time to resolve the issue whilst still maintaining radio communications.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements. We can then give you impartial advice on how to keep your communications flowing