Posted on Dec 15, 2017

Peak District Mountain Rescue

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Our work with the Peak District Mountain Rescue using radio systems

We are proud to be able to help and support the Peak District Mountain Rescue and the MREW (Mountain Rescue England and Wales) with our expertise in Two Way Radio communications.

Due to the national changes made to communication channels the Mountain Rescue team use, we were tasked with replacing the old analogue FM radios with a new digital system, taking away the once fixed communication and introducing a more flexible solution for the Peak District Mountain Rescue.

We provided 7 Hytera Digital Radio repeaters that enabled the Peak District Mountain Rescue team to have three ways of communication:

- Simplex: Handset to handset communication
- The use of repeaters locally around a team base
- The use of the repeaters connected together for wider coverage

It was a huge honour to be selected by the Peak District Mountain Rescue to help with their communications as it plays such an important role in helping them to do their job and save lives across the region.

To read more about our work with the Peak District Mountain Rescue visit our Case Study on the website here:

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