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Penny Farthing World Record Attempt: Radios on the road




One of the greatest joys working as part of the telecommunication specialists team at Zycomm Electronics is the opportunity to provide support to charity projects across the UK making a vast difference to people’s lives.

In this case we’re sponsoring Richard Thoday as he bids to break the Penny Farthing Land’s End to John O’Groats cycling record still held since 1886 and it’s all for BBC’s Children in Need. Our radios have climbed the heights with Mountain Rescue and even tunnelled underground but this time they’ll be travelling 840 miles across the UK end to end.

Penny Farthing World Record Holder* Richard Thoday outside Zycomm and W3Z Offices in Ripley Derbyshire

Penny Farthing Record Attempt

Richard Thoday, a local teacher by day based in Matlock, has developed a keen interest in these extraordinary devices over the last decade.

The UK Penny Farthing Champion of 2015 initially became interested in this specialist mode of transport after entering a race in 2010 and he hasn’t looked back since.

 “It’s not too difficult to learn to ride a Penny Farthing, although mastering the skill to ride safely in traffic is an entirely different matter”

Richard has been training intensely ahead of the challenge to beat the world record for the fastest journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats on a Penny Farthing. The original record was set in 1886 by George Pilkington Mills who completed the challenge in five days, one hour and forty-five minutes at just 18 years of age; with reports that he slept for only 6 hours within that time. Richard reckons he’ll need more sleep than that but believes the modern technology in the Penny Farthing which he designed himself and his passion for the project will give him the edge, along with a list of sponsors at his side providing support in all aspects of his trip.

The ride will be hugely challenging from a physical prospective and not without its dangers. It’s the main reason the Penny Farthing was replaced in popularity by the more modern bicycles with their safer set of two wheels. The ride will at least have some breath-taking views as the trip will take place over practically every type of conceivable road type.

Richard enjoys the way riding the Penny Farthing sparks conversation and makes people smile. He chose BBC Children in Need to bring smiles to children having a hard time.

“I hope my ride can make a difference. It’s going to hurt that’s for sure but whether I break the record or fail in my attempt, if I help these children then it will make it all worth all the training and the exhausting race days ahead!”

Penny Farthing World Record Holder* Richard Thoday with Hytera PD705 radio

Radios race to the record

Zycomm are sponsoring the event by providing complimentary two way radios for hire. The Hytera PD705 radios which are used with our hire frequency provide coverage nationally and will allow his team of 8 to talk without interference.

The radios come with an emergency button and a high level of weather protection providing his team with a robust device to speak to each other at the press of a button. Richard is particularly pleased to have his daughter Emily share his experience as a member of the back-up team who will be driving two motorhomes and a car.

How do I donate?

You can play your own part in the success of the event by navigating to the official Just Giving page for Richard here. Every pound makes a difference.

Donate to Children in Need

Save the date

The race is due to start on July 20th 2019 and we hope you’ll join us in following his journey through a live tracker and facebook updates on the official page


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