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Product Highlight - Event Hire for Schools

The summer is a great time to get the kids outdoors and perhaps allowing parents to join them for end of year sport days, events, proms and celebrations. These events are a busy time where communication between staff can make or break the success of the day.

One of our popular hire radio options, the Hytera PD705LT, offers a rugged and robust yet easy to use solution with low costs involved. We can provide radios at short notice across the UK.
This Hytera radio can be programmed with emergency features so staff can call for back-up in the event of an accident or escalating situation, a valuable tool in crowded areas and a great way to keep the event programme moving efficiently whilst minimising delays.

Whilst it’s notoriously difficult to keep the noise level of children and teenagers at a manageable level we can provide additional earpieces creating a noise cancellation effect and keep voices sounding crystal clear. Everyone wants the perfect summer’s day but in the event of a downpour (or even an unexpected water fight) the IP67 rating of this radio keeps it dust and waterproof (so you don’t spend all day trying to protect your radio)!

If you’re looking at an event this summer or if you’re an early planner looking at back to school events talk to our sales team to discuss our easy to use hire service.