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Radio Hire: Quick communication in a flash

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Hiring two-way radios is a great solution for companies looking for quick, secure communication with easy set up on a modest budget.

We have shared below some of the reasons our customers have opted for our popular hire services. 

One-off Events

Security in communication without the expenditure

We have provided rental on two-way radios for many events over the years, everything from local fairs right up to large scale festivals and sports events including marathons, cycling events, motor racing and a multitude more. We work with both event organisers directly and through trusted trade customers with experience in events.

Since events of this kind are short-term the rental costs offer a very practical solution. Zycomm develops long-term relationships with event companies who come back for repeat business year on year allowing us to further tailor the features they require for safety, security and area cover.

Industries that experience temporary rise in security staff

A number of industries that use radios all year long have certain communication ‘spikes’ when more are required.

Examples of these include:

  • Universities during freshers week
  • Outdoor venues which have daily visitors but host events throughout the year
  • Train stations and airports during high scale events such as the Olympics nearby transport networks undergo real pressure and challenges regarding security and communication demand, the importance getting communication right during these events is paramount.
  • Football clubs Using rental for high profile home or away games.

Project Work

Projects often result in an influx of contractors and hire services makes this transition easier to control. Zycomm has a number of hire licences from Ofcom which bypasses the requirement to apply for business licences for two-way radio which can take up to a month for approval.

Engineering Support

We offer additional support services to cover weekend events. We use repeaters to boost black spots on event circuits where demand for communication is exceptionally high.

Advantages of hire equipment in brief

  • Storage is not required or only required short term
  • A quick secure solution for big events
  • Cost effective solution for budgeting
  • Fast track for licencing
  • Hire solutions offer long term solutions as well as short term.

Which radios do we hire out as standard?

We offer a range of Hytera and Kenwood radios for short and long term hire as well as further options from our product portfolio. Contact sales@zycomm.co.uk to start a chat today.

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