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Preparing for a Protest - Communication Optimisation Tricks

Security teams, particularly those in city centres and the capital are gearing up for protests this Autumn. The ongoing Brexit negotiations and the torn nature of public opinion is sparking protests on both sides.

As we know all too well from the days of the riots in 2011, communication is paramount to minimising the damage to property. Limiting unguarded entrances to buildings can help with this and effective radio communication can play a factor in protecting property and ensuring that security personnel have the back-up they need in an emergency.

We propose the following suggestions to optimise your critical communications in preparation for and during periods of unrest.

  1. Test Your Equipment

Finding out you can’t talk to your team due to faulty radios is not a position you want to be in. Test every radio with your team and take any damaged radios out of circulation for repair. Autumn pricing for repair services are now available.

  1. Enlist Extra Staff

If you are concerned that your security staff could be overwhelmed in a crowded area you may wish to hire extra staff to protect your building and employees. Hiring radios for a few days, weeks or even months will help your expanded team to communicate effectively during this period. Licencing is covered by our hire frequencies.

  1. Programming Emergency Features and GPS tracking

There are many features that can be programmed into licenced radios including lone worker pre-alarms, man down features and emergency buttons. These can all be used to provide security workers with ways to react proactively to an escalating situation, and call for back up discreetly, safe in the knowledge that, should the worst happen, the radio will send a distress alert for them. Radios enabled with GPS tracking are useful over larger, more crowded areas. To check the programmable capabilities of your current radios or our hire range speak with us.

  1. Open Mic and Radio Disable

In a man down situation or where a member of staff is threatened, open mic can be used to communicate with the perpetrator and persuade them to take another cause of action.

In the event of a radio theft, the radio can be disabled immediately and the open mic feature can potentially be used to locate a stolen radio. If a radio is found it can be instantly added back into the fleet using the enable function.

  1. Utilise Display technologies

Display radios can be used for team management and to easily identify the radio ID in distress. For example a team could use a few Hytera PD785’s with the wider team using Hytera PD705’s (the non-display version)

Extra mission critical advice for users of multiple radio repeaters

If you have a radio system we can now using XNMS monitoring  to alert you instantly if a repeater goes down so the problem can be fixed quickly. To hear more about this new service use the button below.


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