Posted on Mar 22, 2019

New Remote Monitoring Service Launched for Radio Systems

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Maintenance with a difference. An insider view into your own radio system's performance. Your powerful prevention tool

Maintenance with a difference. An insider view into your own radio systems performance. Your powerful prevention tool

Introducing XNMS – Your Powerful Prevention Platform

Our service team have implemented Hytera’s Extended Network Management System (XNMS) for radio systems. We are now able to set up a direct connection to Zycomm’s Central XNMS Server, giving our service team an insider dashboard style view into the performance of your radio system. This tried and tested technology results in quick diagnosis of any problems so you (or our team) can fix them in real time as well as providing you with tangible Return on Investment for your maintenance contracts in a radical new way.

Hytera’s XNMS offers something above and beyond routine maintenance. It is a hugely powerful prevention tool that puts you and us at the driver seat of any problem that arises.

The clear benefits of using Remote Monitoring from Zycomm

Radio System Monitoring Chart

Prevention is cheaper than a cure

Protect yourself by preventing upcoming problems with your repeaters and radios in their tracks.

Remote monitoring gives us the ability to identify and resolve most problems BEFORE they cause a radio system failure.

Tangible Results for your Money

Maintenance contracts can be hard to justify when you can’t prove in advance how much you’ll need to use them. Remote monitoring has the power to show you not only why maintenance is desirable but also allows us to diagnose problems with the system maximising the potential of your communications systems to perform at their very best.

Store Data by Radio and Repeater – This new service allows us to keep an eye on how the system is being used. If the system is being overloaded by a radio user or radio group we can identify if additional infrastructure is needed or whether it is simply a case of training staff to use the radios in a slightly different way, to avoid overloading the repeaters.

We don’t expect you to spend hours analysing the data (unless you want to!). We’ll be monitoring these statistics on our end including email triggers which automatically flag any data anomalies to our engineers so no warning sign is missed and our technically experienced team can send bespoke recommendations to enhance your communications.

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Radio System Monitoring

Keep call outs to a minimum

Remoting monitoring prevents problems using a proactive approach instead of reactive one.

  • Reduces call outs – The XNMS system minimises the number of physical call outs required. Our services team can often diagnose the problem through the dashboard and call to guide you through a quick process of tests to eliminate common problems saving you time and money. We have also reduced false callouts for suspected faulty radios. If an employee claims to be experiencing a problem it may be possible to deduce if this is the radio itself or a user system problem.
  • Reduced time period from fault to fix – In the event that your radio system becomes problematic, the monitoring system alerts the engineering team. A solution may well be underway before you even know you have a problem!
  • Spot a small problem before it becomes a big one – In a multi-site XPT situation with a number of repeaters the good news is if one repeater is down the system will often adapt to use the remaining repeaters but the bad news is this can mask when there is a problem. The warning sign may be that private calls start to falter or radios appear to have a delay but these problems can easily be dismissed leaving the system vulnerable to losing communication. Our remote monitoring will alert the engineering team so action can be taken. This allows you to take back control in the first instance so that the problem is resolved before it becomes an issue for your communication.

Stay Protected

  • Reassurance – Know that everything in your power has been done to keep your communications flowing.
  • 24/7 protection– We receive alerts from your systems so you are safe in the knowledge if there’s a problem we’ll know about it.

We can only monitor data going forward in time so the sooner you start using our remote monitoring system the sooner we can start providing you with data and improving your communications 

XNMS Radio System Monitoring dashboard example

Are we watching you yet?

Our skilled Communication Engineers team say “This remote monitoring service is the icing on the cake for customers with a mission critical radio system that keeps security, safety and communications at the heart of what they do. This is the perfect radio system companion.

In order to truly appreciate the benefits of the remote monitoring allow us to demonstrate two scenarios, with and without maintenance options, showcasing why our customers opt for maintenance in the first place.

It was the best of times…it was the worst of times…

A communications crisis with and without our maintenance packages

Scenario A Shopping Centre: Without Maintenance, Monitoring or battery back-up.

When you install a radio system it will normally work perfectly and you won’t encounter a problem. Systems can last decades and provide a vast range of advantages to your business through communication optimisation. However sometimes things go wrong…let’s use a shopping centre as an example. You are going about your daily business with your security team dealing with the last-minute Easter shoppers and suddenly the radio system loses main power. How frustrating, the emergency lighting comes on but you need to evacuate. You have procedures for this and get ready to co-ordinate…but hang on a minute, your communications rely on a repeater which has been compromised in the power cut; suddenly you can’t co-ordinate your security and staff team. If there is a security incident or a mission critical healthcare emergency there is now no quick way to share this information with a far higher chance of this situation fast becoming a major incident.

Scenario B Shopping Centre: With Maintenance, Monitoring and radio back up.

Now let’s look at the scenario again but this time with a remote monitoring maintenance contract in place and battery back-up using the shopping centre scenario again. You are going about your daily business and you get a phone call from Zycomm. “Hello, there’s a problem with your radio system we can see that mains power has failed  ”, “really? I’ll go and check” you say. You send engineering to the plant room to investigate and see that the power has gone off and it is running on battery back-up, the system is working fine but is now on borrowed time. Your engineer goes and restores power in the room.  No radio system down time and problem eliminated. This is the perfect prevention tool for a mission critical communications system.

We’ll be launching a second blog shortly on the ways remote monitoring helps you fix repeater problems. If you want to be the first to read this sign up here.


The importance of being earnest…about your radio system

Our customers often ask us whether our maintenance contracts are worth the investment.

Losing  your communications, whether simply functional or truly mission critical.  can be highly detrimental to the running of your business. In a similar manner to computers, the importance of radio communications is taken mostly for granted until it is no longer there.

Our hugely popular maintenance packages mean our experienced engineers are only one phone call away. Our packages are hugely flexible and can be used as an annual service or on a call out basis. We provide a whole host of ways to prevent the worst-case scenario for a communications crash.

For a call back about our maintenance systems with or without remote monitoring email us now on or call 01773 570123.

This maintenance article was created with input from Craig Maliszewski (Experienced Technical Engineer at Zycomm) and Adam Prokopiw (Engineering Service Manager at Zycomm). Find more in our meet the team section.