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Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters

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For wide area coverage a repeater is often required. However, when mains electricity isn’t available our renewable energy powered repeaters offer an effective alternative solution. 

The communication dilemma in remote areas

In remote settings where communication is crucial mobile phones are rarely an option due to weak or non-existent signal strength. Take, for example, the Yorkshire moors which offer miles and miles of stunning countryside but little in the way of cellular infrastructure.

Where no mains electricity is available nearby, repeaters can be powered by solar panel and/or wind turbines.

The solution – Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters

We set up a specialist repeater (as shown below) which utilises the extreme wind conditions on the moors coupled with the bright clear sunshine which can be found intermittently throughout daylight hours.

The electricity generated by these repeaters is used to charge large capacity batteries which ensure permanent communications can be maintained.

The wind turbines used to power these repeaters use the same technology as those used in the arctic.

Vehicles to get to remote locations, moors in the snow

Typical winter conditions in these remote areas and one of specialist vehicles used to reach the site

Typical Uses for Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters

Existing uses for this type of repeater include game shoots and other group activities

This boosts safety during these events significantly by ensuring no one gets lost in dark or foggy conditions.

One of our customers recalled the time he used radios to locate a lost member on a games shoot, the lost party member used radio to describe his surroundings allowing the other members to locate him quickly in bad weather. GPS tracking can be programmed into GPS enabled two-way radios. People’s perception of their location is easily skewed in the common foggy conditions associated with these remote areas. On the moors it is often difficult to describe your surroundings in detail even in good weather!

Another use for these repeaters is to allow estate owners or small rural communities to use push to talk radios to communicate from house to house. An example might be during a crime spree (a growing problem in rural areas) neighbours can be alerted immediately and take the necessary precautions.


Zycomm’s process from start to finish

Essentially, we spec, build and then maintain the bespoke infrastructure

We visit the remote sites in question and carry out a comprehensive survey to ensure your communication requirements can be met. This renewable technology can sometimes be implemented into an existing radio system; if this is not possible a new system can be designed.

All of the framework for this bespoke infrastructure is built in-house by Zycomm at our comprehensive engineering facilities.

When the weather comes in

We offer maintenance contracts to customers so you are never left without effective communication. We can also do annual check up’s on the equipment so come rain or snow you know your system will run smoothly.

Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters, radio maintenance in the snow

Out in the snow during a maintenance servicing visit and on a finer day

Speak to Zycomm

Zycomm have provided bespoke communication systems for customers for over 40 years including several recent installations of these renewable energy powered repeaters. To speak to us about our renewable or convention digital radio systems contact us on 01773 570123 or sales@zycomm.co.uk

 Alternative renewable radio communication systems

One of our engineers takes a well earned tea break on a fine day


This blog was created with input from Paul Greenhough's (35 years experience at Zycomm), Philip Walters (25 years at Zycomm) and Craig Parbery (Experienced Telecommunications Engineer at Zycomm). Find more in our meet the team section.