Posted on Apr 03, 2017

Securing summer

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Planning your Summer Event Security? Here's some innovative tips from us.

As summer approaches, it’s even more important to ensure you’re getting the most out of the security measures you’ve been considering. Whether you’re securing a festival, fundraiser or sports event, you need the best of the coverage, communication and protection equipment available – but that doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank to get it. The following article offers some tips.

1. Draw up a plan
Before you do anything, establish a clear idea of just what you’re going to be securing – from square footage to guest lists to potential hazard rating. Although the majority of security firms will ask for these details as standard practise, when it comes to delegating time, equipment and funds you don’t want to be spending more than you need to. Allowing for a small margin of error, and stocking enough equipment for an emergency situation, by working out exactly how much you will need you can save excessive costs.

2. Bulk order equipment
With some obvious exceptions, most security suppliers will offer discounts and cut-down prices for bulk orders – take advantage of this and re-stock your inventory in one big shipment. Rather than picking up replacements and spares as and when, which can be extremely costly, take the chance to order everything you need. Collect up quotes, evaluate your options and choose the right supplier for you. Not only will this be cheaper, it might also free up valuable time that can be well spent expanding your business. 

3. Find the right equipment for you
An in-depth understand of the equipment you need, prefer and can work with confidently is key to saving yourself unnecessary invoicing. Typically, when covering a large, crowded event, communication is key – so two way radios, tracking devices, tally devices and visibility enhancements are always going to be top of the list. Knowing your event, and your priorities within that environment can help you to pick the most cost effective from the bunch. 

4. Don’t cut the costs that matter
When it comes to cost effective security investments, durability and reliability are two areas you never want to scrimp on. Whilst the equipment on the lower end of the scale might be more economically appealing, in the long run, you could face maintenance and repair charges, replacement costs and even legal fees if your gear is faulty in a crisis. Make room in your budget for quality equipment you can trust, and you’ll be saving yourself a future financial crisis. 

5. Explore all your options
When it comes to choosing your source supplier, it can be tempting to stay with what’s familiar, with no hidden costs or sudden changes to knock you off course. But without exploring all of your alternative options, you could be spending more than you need to. Once you stop resisting change, you open your business up to a variety of different options, prices, equipment choices and gear variations that might work out a lot more cost effective, with a lot more value for money included. 

Staying cost effective when planning for the summer isn’t always easy, but by taking a step back and re-evaluating your systems, your supplies and the services you provide you can find new ways to save costs, without cutting those valuable corners.

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