Posted on Mar 06, 2017

Two Way Radios For Film & Television

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Even the Blockbusters need effective communications! Find out why Two-Way Radio is essential to any production.

Communication and Planning are vital to produce Films and Television programmes.  Large teams of staff simultaneously work both together and individually to produce both the visual and audio aspects of the Film/TV programme. As such it is vital to have an efficient and effective Two-Way Radio (Walkie Talkie) infrastructure in place so everyone can communicate to one another on site.  Television and Film production can also have health and safety issues for staff members partaking in activities such as working at heights on roofs or scaffold with cameras or equipment or being in locations where communication is paramount.  Health and safety features on Two-Way Radios can help ensure workers are kept safe during film and Television production.


Key Features and Benefits of Two-Way Radio to Film & Television Production Crews

  • Effective coordination of film production staff
  • Participants management
  • Audience and spectator management
  • On-site security
  • Infrastructure management
  • Emergency communications
  • Live communication- to be able to communicate individuals or groups


Key Reasons to use Two-Way Radio in the Television & Film Industry

  • GPS tracking, and Man Down functions
  • Health and safety features: Caller ID, and Panic / Emergency Call functions
  • Include general text messaging, and pre-defined texts
  • Discreet earpieces & microphones for unobtrusive or covert use
  • Increased security from casual eavesdropping
  • Noise cancelling abilities
  • Waterproof for use in wet environments
  • Telephone interconnect


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