Posted on Feb 23, 2018

Which Two Way Radio is best for you?

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Specific Two Way Radios for your industry.

At Zycomm we are home to many different varieties of Two Way Radio solutions from a range of manufacturers including Hytera, Kenwood and Motorola. Due to this large range certain digital mobile radios are more suitable for specific industries than others. In this blog we have focused on three sectors and particular handsets that fit together perfectly so you can be 100% you have chosen the right communication solution for your business. 


Education – PD355LF

Educational facilities including Schools, Colleges and Universities have a high priority and need for good communication for all of their members of staff. Clear communication between staff members allows them to look after every student correctly and safely. Two Way Radios from Zycomm, over the 35 years in the industry, have helped many places of education to become safer and more productive. Caretaking and Maintenance teams benefit highly from the ease of communication that Two Way Radios bring over larger sites; the increase in safety for lone workers is also an invaluable asset to on-site staff.

The Hytera PD Series is a brilliant collection of Two Way Radios for workers in education. In particular the PD355LF has many features that can enable staff to communicate clearly with other staff on site whilst doing their normal day to day tasks. This is down to the PD355LF being incredibly lightweight, pocket sized and discretely designed. It has a great long battery life, being able to run throughout the day and has important applications built in for emergencies, for fire evacuation, classroom control, and registration. The PD355LF can also be used to silently alert other staff members of behavioural or other urgent student related issues.


Construction - PD505

During the 35 years’ experience in the communication industry, Zycomm have been able to supply a number of various Two Way Radio handsets that are perfect for Construction sites and various conditions. We have been able to supply companies like Forterra, WinVic, Wates and JCB. Our work with many different construction companies has allowed us to come up against many scenarios where communication has been poor such as limited coverage, unreliable equipment and interference during communication between colleagues which can have an impact on safety measures to workers on site. Our communication solutions along with our expert engineers have made sure that for our Construction clients these issues have been eradicated.

The Hytera PD505 is a great Two Way Radio solution for Construction workers and on site members, its reliability and ruggedness enables it to cope with drops or bangs it might take, it is also IP54 compliant, and this means that the PD505 is also water proof and dust proof. This Hytera handset comes with a 12 hour long battery life and brilliant clear voice communication allowing it to cancel out any background noise it may have around it and focus solely on the voice of who is speaking.

Events – PD705LT

If you are putting on an event and need a communication solution to help run it smoother then Zycomm can provide a range of Event specific Two Way Radios for indoor and outdoor events. The solutions available can incorporate and assist with wide area coverage, connection to a standard telephone network, GPS tracking and emergency features such as – lone worker, man down and emergency button press. Event radios can be purchased, leased or hired for virtually any period, this allows us to offer solutions that are tailored to suit the duration and scale of just about any event and that are most cost effective for you.

The Hytera PD705LT is a Two Way Radio that we fully recommend for event planners. Its reliability to withstand any possible impacts as well as being splash proof and waterproof showcases how good it can be for outdoor events especially. The handset is also extremely easy to use so for event staff that may have never used Two Way Radio communication before; the PD705LT won’t cause any confusion whilst on site.

If you are currently working in the industries above and need better communication then get in touch with our expert sales team today on 01773 570 123 so they can provide you with more information on how Zycomm can help you.