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Why Bodycams are more relevant than ever

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Why Bodycams are more relevant than ever

Body worn cameras offer a whole host of protection, detection and prevention solutions. Delving into a world of different sectors we’ve shared why bodycams have growing importance and prevalence throughout the UK with reference to articles released as recently as May this year.  

Hospitals and Secure Units

NHS and private hospital staff deal with difficult situations on a daily basis, ranging from mild verbal aggression from concerned relatives through to high risk situations within secure units and mental health wards.

The use of body worn cameras has a positive effect on the behaviour of both staff and patients who habitually moderate their behaviour for the better when cameras are in use. This is being extended beyond security personnel alone, with the full potential to reduce aggressive behaviour in hospitals only recently being tapped into.

These measures are not just to protect staff but also to improve patient care. By implementing a continuous improvement culture the use of restraint can be significantly reduced; by learning from trigger signs. In addition service users can ask staff to record conversations on their cameras, which gives the power back to vulnerable patients and supports their wellbeing.

Police are requesting video more and more as follow up to on site incidents and evidence provided by high quality video playback can significantly reduce the length of an investigation saving both tax payer’s money and the emotional strain on all parties involved in the proceedings.

When used at their best body cams are a highly effective tool that can be used in conjunction with a whole host of best practice techniques to improve patient care.

You can read more in this article in The Guardian article from 1st May 2019

Two nurses talking. Why bodycams are more relevant than ever

Police Departments

Police are ramping up their investment in body worn cameras throughout the country with South Yorkshire Police investing £1.2m on the technology as recently as May this year.

With knife crime becoming increasingly prevalent conviction rates can be increased through the evidence provided by high quality pictures and clear audio. Police this year jailed two perpetrators following an attack on Bristol superstore using body worn cameras. Retail crime particularly by repeat offenders cost businesses a substantial loss throughout the country on an ever-increasing basis and this is a small step to tackling the issue.

Police have also been able to directly contribute to a reduction in the use of tasers as body worn cameras act as a deterrent and a de-escalation tool. Meanwhile cameras have a significant reduction on police complaints, up to 93% in one study online.


The House of Commons Justice Committee recently recommended that body-worn cameras should become mandatory for all bailiffs visiting domestic or commercial premises in a report released on 11 April 2019. Recent concerns from debt advice charities has driven a desire for a culture change to protect the reputation of professionals within this discipline. With rising complaints about bailiff behaviour these cameras have the power to protect both the name of trustworthy staff whilst simultaneously protecting homeowners and other people in debt. 


In Ireland bodycams have led to a reduction in attacks on rail staff. CCTV is a powerful tool for evidence collection but its often forgotten in crowded areas as busy people rush from place to place. By placing body worn cameras near eye level people become far more conscious of their own actions and are far less likely to act violently.

Crowded train station. Example of where bodycams are important


Safety and security within prisons is a hot topic and has been for some time. With recruitment and staffing numbers under threat the use of this technology is an aid rather than a complete solution to an large ongoing problem. Acting as a visible deterrent against violence the crucial evidence on these cameras can help with riot control and staff safety.

Body Camera Options from Zycomm

We have a range of body cameras including several within the Hytera brand. Many models come with a combined microphone and video to capitalise on high quality images along with a clear audio. Night vision features are also available.

Hytera Body Worn Cameras


Hytera Bodycams - See Everything Miss Nothing

We also offer additional body cameras to suit all budgets so speak to us whether you need the bells and whistles functionality which can even interconnect with advance radios from Hytera or if you are after cost-effective options for your business.

We supply body cameras into hospitals, councils, to bouncers and many more sectors

Body Worn Camera and worker in pub