Posted on Nov 30, 2016

Why choose Zycomm for your Two Way Radio Repairs, Service and Maintenance?

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Five solid reasons to choose Zycomm for your Two Way Radio Repairs

 Why chose us for your Two Way Radio Repairs? Hers why:


Speed and Efficiency

Zycomm engineers work at a speed that not only ensures the job is completed efficiently but also in a time frame that suits the needs of the customer.



We can repair any Two-Way Radio down to component level which means that whatever the fault you can be assured we will find a solution to get your radio up and running again.


We only use the best tools for the job

Our engineers have the use of industry first testing kits that enable them to trace almost any fault.  We can also test any radio equipment in Digital, Analogue, Sell Call or MPT Trunking. Whatever the problem, they will find it!


Industry First Customer Service

We strongly believe that the customer comes first and our promise to you is to keep you well informed throughout the process of servicing your radios. We are always available to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the process and after your radios return to you we are only a phone call or email away should you need any additional advice or training.


Competitively Priced

The work we carry out is not only efficient but priced competitively across the spectrum of products we support. We don’t believe in out pricing our customers.


Because of this our customers tell us that we offer:


“The Best Two-Way Radio Repair Service in the UK”

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