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Why do companies use Push to Talk Over Cellular?

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Imagine you’re a business with two sites, one based in London and the other in Edinburgh. You want to talk across both sites…. How do you achieve this on a modest budget? Push to Talk over Cellular holds the key to this.

Push to Talk over Cellular offers a wide area communication solution that is cost-effective without compromising on voice quality and what’s more no infrastructure is required.

What extra features does the IPTT range offer?

  • A low-cost PC Dispatcher which offers tracking between multiple sites or vehicles with GPS using an inbuilt Google maps screen.
  • Voice recording stores conversations which can be played back through the IPTT dispatcher.
  • Dynamic real-time grouping allows you to remotely add or edit groups and features without site visits.

97% UK coverage – Wide area radio solution

IPTT uses an Open Multi-Network Sim. This means you will experience 97% UK coverage as IPTT radios  scan between several networks to find the one with the best coverage for your location.

The IPTT Product Range

CP-320 - Launched this summer this radio comes with full display capabilities including text functionality.

CM-300 – The vehicle option is excellent for companies using frequent travel. Great for ultra-long range or management communications such as transportation and logistics, multi-site work and security.

CP-300 – The non display model is built for greater protection, it offers reliable performance in severe weather and in the harshest environments with a clear crisp high quality sound.

Can I use PPToC if I’m based outside the UK?

IPTT has EMEA coverage for its Push to Talk Over Cellular range. IPTT radios works in most European, Middle East and African countries and can communicate back the UK in a fast and clear manner.  

How do I start a conversation about this technology?

You can contact our sales team for pricing, a demo or for a no-obligation chat about whether this technology is right for you. Trade customers can also speak with our Sales Manager Andrew Niven to organise a visit or contact our generic sales team through our contact form


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