Posted on Jan 05, 2018

Why two way radio communication is important within Hospitality

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The hospitality industry is a very competitive market with hotels, casinos, resorts and restaurants all under pressure to provide customers with great service, leading to welcomed word of mouth, praise and compliments.

Two Way Radios have given a huge helping hand in improving customer service becoming quicker and more efficient. Digital Two-Way-Radios have also contributed to the management of employees as many businesses within the hospitality industry can cover huge sites; this allows employees to stay in communication with one another at all times across multiple departments from housekeeping to security, right through to front-of-house.

Our Two-Way-Radio communication services are used by Best Western Appleby Park Hotel. Employing 45 members of staff over 5 departments, the hotel requires consistent and clear communication; a need that was an issue before working with our expert team. Previously, Best Western Appleby communicated through mobile phones which unfortunately were not effective due to loss of signal in certain areas of the hotel.

The switch to Two-Way-Radios proved beneficial straight away; the radios improved the hotel’s customer service and the overall efficiency of day to day duties. The Hytera radios we provided are robust, easy to use and a vital business tool for Best Western Appleby.

As well as improving customer service and efficiency, certain features of digital Two-Way-Radios are perfect for the industry including: Long Battery Life, ‘Superior Voice’ which ensures clear communication under noisy environments and ‘Emergency features’ enabling radios to enhance security, especially for lone workers.

We loved being able to help Best Western Appleby Hotel with our communication services and all of the features that Two-Way-Radio can offer.

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