Posted on Feb 22, 2017

Why two way radios are still vital for your business

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Here at Zycomm, communication is our number one priority, so we thought we’d share our top five reasons that your business should reinvest in the two-way radio.

Every business operation needs reliable communication within its workforce.

Whether you’re directing a teammate across a busy warehouse, alerting a colleague to an emergency in a noisy music festival or calling your co-workers back to base at an overloaded event – you need to be able to keep your communications open.

Although many operations and businesses now will use mobile devices as their sole source of contact, the drawbacks of these are numerous, with issues such as short battery life, credit and signal failure all restricting the effectiveness of the devices. Which is why more and more teams are choosing to interact through PTT two-way radios.

Here at Zycomm, communication is our number one priority, so we thought we’d share our top five reasons that your business should reinvest in the two-way radio. 

Group Communications

For most businesses, being able to talk to all available colleagues at once is vital for maintaining order in the workplace. And whilst some mobile devices do have this option enabled, many will require fiddly touch-screen frustrations and an unreliable signal line to speak through once connected. The two-way radios, once patched into a radio network-infrastructure, are proven to have a high frequency and clarity – perfect for one-to-many transmissions for anyone within range of a receiver.

Speed of Access

Not only can mobile group calls waste precious minutes in a stressful situation, any communication can be tricky when relying on a network based signal, particularly when working in a noisy, thick-walled containment. Using a two-way radio is literally a transmission at the touch of a button, as all contain an inbuilt ‘push to talk’ function that allows for instant communications, no matter where you’re transmitting from.

Cost Effective

After a single one-off payment, any two-way radio you own is ready for use in your workplace. No topping up credit, no expensive contracts, just a resourceful purchase with the odd battery top up required every so often. The durability and long battery life of the two-way makes it a worthwhile investment in the long run, as they require little in the way of maintenance and repair costs.

Range of Distance

No matter how vast your workplace – whether it be a muddy field terrain, a large factory space or a multi-storey nightclub, you need a signal that can carry your transmission anywhere. With each radio carrying a different ultra-high frequency scale, however far you need your message to go, a version of the two-way is ready.

User Friendly

And finally, any business working in busy, crowded environments needs a user-friendly kit to pick up on the go. No fiddly buttons, no passcodes, no awkward locking devices – just pick up, push button, and talk. Depending on your specific needs, your two-way radio can even be adjusted to suit you, whether you need them to be tough terrain ready, motion sensor equipped or backlit for night work.

Your communication needs always come first

Don’t risk ineffective communications on an unreliable device. You never know when you might need to contact your team in a crisis, and you have to be ready when it happens. 


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