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Why are two way radios still used instead of mobile phones?

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Why two way radios reign supreme in a world of mobile phones

Mobile phones continue to evolve all the time, replacing wallets, watches and a whole host of other devices. As a business specialising in telecommunications we often get asked “Why do businesses need two-way radios when they could use mobile phones instead?”

Allow us to share with you some of the many reasons why two way radios stand the test of time, remaining forever relevant in this tech savvy world.

One button to rule them all…one button to reach them

Reach the whole company, a particular team or call one to one

Two-way radios allow users to speak to 50, 100 or more people at once, if that’s what you want! Typically companies use a range of channels to allow particular teams of people to speak to each other. For example, in a hospital setting, security personnel could be on a separate channel to porters event organisers and caterers at a music event. These channels allow businesses to streamline efficiency and save valuable seconds…speaking of seconds….

Frustrated man with smashed mobile phone and Hytera two way radio

When you haven’t got a second a waste

Communication in a time critical scenario

Calling on a mobile phone means relying on the other person to pick up (if they answer at all!). In the workplace seconds and minutes waste valuable time particularly in critical communication situations involving safety or security. Radios allow people to reach the scene of an accident quickly, evacuate a building efficiently or turn off machinery (to prevent an accident or wastage during a malfunction). In these scenarios radios may be the only way to get the message across in time. Specialist radios have also been designed to be intrinsically-safe (essentially explosion proof) and used in select zones on construction sites (such as the Hytera PD715EX and PD715IS).

 Crowded train station radio communications example

No signal? no problem

Radio systems are designed to provide the coverage required. Everything from a multi-site set-up to a rural ‘signal blackspot’; radio systems can provide a solution.

Mobile phone signal is often poor in remote areas and or easily jammed in busy ones. Radio infrastructure can be used to bypass the issues of crowded or remote areas. We conduct complimentary site surveys for potential customers identifying potential blackspots and following up with free trials to test the radio coverage and ensure the radio functionality suits their requirements. For rural areas such as farms or estates we have a range of solutions including using radio repeaters or even renewable energy repeaters for fully isolated locations (without access to mains power).

Oh no I dropped my two-way radio!…said no one ever

Want a waterproof radio? How about submersible? Intrinsically-Safe? Sure thing!

One main advantage over mobile phones is the ruggedness and reliability that a two-way radio can bring to the table. Two Way Radios are purpose made and can withstand being dropped at height or any bumps that come their way whilst on the job; and unlike most mobiles when dropped, two way radios are less likely to smash or bend out of shape.

“Weather” to use a radio or not

As well as being resistant to many working environments many radios are specifically designed for use in windy or wet weather. Ever been caught trying to ring someone on a windy day? Radios are classified on an Ingress Protection scale which tells you exactly how much a radio is protected against dust and rain. Most radios are Push to Talk by nature so there is no need to pull your gloves off in the freezing cold to talk to someone.

 Best radios for winter, Hytera PD705LT, Hytera PD785, Hytera MD785

Hytera PD705LT , Hytera PD785, Hytera MD785

Going the distance

Some people ask us “aren’t walkie talkies rather limited in the area they cover?” The truth is, radios are designed to fit a particular solution based on the coverage and functionality you want. Radio licencing can be provided to cover the whole of the UK or just a specific site. Repeaters can be set up to cover large sites or even vehicles on the move and Push To Talk over Cellular technology which can utilise all phone networks to combat signal problems and communicate across the whole of the UK and even talk across countries.

What if you don’t want to share……

Another feature that gives Two-Way Radios the upper hand over mobile phones are their use of a private network (for licenced radios). This allows Two Way Radios to use encryption and prevent eavesdropping, great for industries that communicate with one another sharing sensitive, personal or confidential information such as education or healthcare organisations. Mobiles which use public networks are widely open to interception. Follow @Nottscybercrime to find out more about the susceptibility of mobile phones and how to protect yourself.

Don’t sign your life away to a contract

Radios once purchased have minimal running costs with an annual or 5 year licence fee (or go licence free!) with no ongoing contracts.

Saying no to noisy environments

In busy and hectic industries such as Hospitality and Event Security, workers often need to communicate in loud environments. Two Way Radios come with noise cancellation features allowing users in disruptive situations to filter out the loud noises around them helping important messages to be transmitted in crystal clear fashion.

I’ll just check my internet…I mean work texts….honest!

We all know just how distracting mobile phones can be which at best can significantly reduce productivity (or eat into pooled company data allowance) and at it’s worst can be down right dangerous! Radios elimate this and can also be left on-site at the end of the day meaning they can be used by shift workers or contractors without having to be allocated to a particularly person.

Still not convinced, or perhaps intrigued?

For more information regarding the benefits that Two Way Radio can bring to your specific business contact Zycomm today on 01773570123 to speak to our expert team.