Posted on Dec 14, 2016

Why Zycomm are Anglia Farmers Approved Supplier of Radio Systems and Communications

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Rural communications can be tricky when you have poor signal coverage! Read about our work with the Agricultural industry here.

Zycomm, were contacted by A.F. members Ken Goodger Farming and S.J. Goodger Farming, to provide a two-way radio solution to allow for communication not only at Ken’s farm: Pates Farm, Tipsend, Welney, but to reach Sean’s Farm at Coates, some ten miles away.

What we recommended for the radio system was a repeater base station based at Pates Farm to amplify the radio signal and we trialled the radios on site. Once the repeater was set-up, we drove from Pates Farm at Welney to Lincoln Farm at Coates, communicating back to Pates Farm every other mile. Radio Communication via our repeater base station proved very strong not only from farm to farm, but also en route to and from each farm which was approximately a 20 mile round trip.

Upon completion of our successful trial of two-way radio communication, Ken & Sean Goodger purchased from us 6 x Hytera hand held portable radios, 3 x Hytera display mobile radios, and a repeater base station and associated accessories. They have also taken advantage of our first class maintenance plan, which will ensure their equipment on site is serviced and maintained, performing to optimum levels at all times.

Ken had this to say about us…..

‘We are all impressed by the range, quality and versatility of the 2 ways and in particular the hand helds which keep you in contact at all time. We have found that we are contactable at any location within our farming businesses even inside buildings and store. The range of the hand held radios is almost double when attaching a vehicle mounted aerial ensuring valuable communication to all within the business. The radios are very clear and noise free which is far better than CB radios, there are now no fields or areas on the farm that are dead spots like the mobile phones have. We are all very pleased and believe we have excellent value for money especially with the after sales and advice we have received from Zycomm when required.’

We are delighted and proud to have provided Ken & Sean with an efficient solution to their communication problems and will continue to provide any technical help and advice needed and continue to work in partnership with them moving forward. 

Are you experiencing similar communication problems on your site and need someone to help? For a completely free of charge and no obligation site survey and quotation, contact us on 01773 570123 or for more information.