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Zycomm sponsors CSSC East Midlands Security Award

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Ruth Nixon, Zycomm's previous MD, seen above with Rob Flowerdew of E.ON UK. Rob was the winner of the ISL CSSC award (read below to read more)

What is The CSSC?

The CSSC stands for Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications. This organisation provides businesses with accurate, timely and authoritative messages and information; aiming to help businesses to remain as safe and secure as possible. Operating under charitable status The CSSC works across many difference sectors across the country, in partnership with many law enforcement agencies, local and national government organisations and private sector businesses.


How can I sign up my business?

The easiest way to get involved with The CSSC scheme is to register as an ISL (Industry Sector Lead). This scheme not only offers additional protection to your business but is a great way to build rapport and trust with your customers, suppliers and contacts. You can read more about the membership categories available on the link below.


Ruth’s Role in The CSSC East Midlands Region

Ruth Nixon says “my initial interest in The CSSC was heightened by an unfortunate first-hand experience of Christmas vandalism, on our mast sites, right on our doorstep. For me it really nailed home the fact that you can’t moan and whinge about crime unless you are actively involved in preventing it.

When you aren’t based in a major city it’s very easy to have the attitude - What Terrorism? – and assume that this is an issue solely for southern based firms near London or in big cities such as Manchester. The first problem with this viewpoint is that a lot of under-the-radar activity such as cyber crime and fraud does not discriminate on location and you never fully know the emerging risks from sophisticated criminal enterprises. In a world where travelling for work is often essential, even if you are based in a cosy close-knit town, you only need one event or meeting elsewhere and suddenly you can find yourself in a crowded built-up area and the risks are instantly different.

Dealing with customers in communication and security settings is what I do day in day out and this allows me to have a real insight into how these companies operate and where messaging from The CSSC can provide tangible support through ISL membership.

The Management Board at The CSSC is made up of some highly experienced individuals involved in prestigious large organisations. I hope to be the ‘voice’ of SMEs who make up the vast majority of local business up and down the country and remain an important part of spreading the message.

I am actively involved in the marketing side of The CSSC and I am always busy drumming up interest and utilising local platforms such as Marketing Derby and The East Midlands Chamber. Zycomm also provides additional Marketing support through our Marketing department for events and in-house newsletters for ISLs.”

What is the sponsored ISL award in recognition of?

The CSSC East Midlands Management Board established this award to recognise the importance of ISL contributions towards CSSC’s business network.

The ISL Award was presented to Rob Flowerdew (Security Risk Specialist for E.ON UK) by Don Randall MBE during the CSSC Annual dinner at the Grange hotel in London on the 6th November. Rob says “I am honoured to be presented with this award from the Regional Management Board. I have seen the effect CSSC can have on security and the huge potential for this organisation in the future.”

Read more about the award on our Linkedin page