Wireless Broadband for Homes and Businesses

Wireless Broadband for Homes and Businesses

Flexible Broadband with local 24/7 support

We provide Wireless Broadband solutions to homes and businesses across Derbyshire, Staffordshire and parts of Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. W3Z’s prime hill top access points across the East Midlands area allow W3Z to provide high speed wireless broadband, offering flexible tariffs at competitive pricing with 24/7 support from our local W3Z team all based in Ripley, Derbyshire. Our popular automated account management tools keep you informed when you are reaching your chosen data cap, offering you the opportunity to upgrade if you need to. This is helpful for customers with fluctuating family requirements such as children returning from university for the holidays as well as business clients who require flexible tariffs due to seasonal trends at different times of the year.

Home Customers

If you're looking for high speed flexible internet you've come to the right place.

The best way to see if your area is covered by our broadband services is to ask us to check your postcode. Our friendly W3Z team will get back to you to let you know if we can supply you with broadband. If you are able to provide your phone number with this enquiry this will help us to contact you and discuss these options in more detail

 We supply to Derbyshire and areas of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire. If you have friends that you think might benefit from W3Z broadband you can now use the show button below to share this with them.


To help you navigate to the right information below are links about our W3Z Wireless Broadband services.

Broadband for your home or holiday let

Broadband for Businesses

Broadband Referral Scheme £50 Credit



Wireless Broadband for Business

Our expertise and knowledge of distributed wi-fi and physical networks can assist companies who require a more technical delivery solution. Perhaps a secure and segmented network, allowing workers to have reliable controlled access to whatever services are required to efficiently go about their duties.

Internet for rural businesses and companies in remote areas

Our Wireless Broadband service offers companies the ability to enjoy reliable high speed broadband in geographical locations where often there are frustrations of slowing speeds and the general poor performance of conventional cable based Internet. Our customers include leading manufacturing companies, Country Houses and estates, working farms, holiday parks, camping & caravan sites, pubs, hotels and major event venues across our region.

The new demand from HMRC to provide on-line tax information is leading many to companies to call W3Z to help them to get better connected as W3Z can provide Superfast internet access without the need for major ground works or re-cabling.

We are specialists in providing secure and safe distributed Wifi solutions. Site-wide, Factory Wide and Estate Wide.

Constant Expansion

We are continuously investing and expanding our network to provide more and more communities and geographic areas with our business-grade superfast wireless broadband.

Follow us on twitter @zycomm for live updates on the new areas we can cover.

Testimonial Example

SJM – Ripley

Having been a W3Z customer for some time I felt I should express how delighted I have been with the level of customer service that I have received over the years. Whenever I have any queries regarding my internet connection I can guarantee that I will get a prompt and educated response very quickly (if not immediately) at any time of day or night, it is such a breath of fresh air to not deal with call centres and their scripted responses.

The connection has been consistent in both speed and reliability from day one which is also a rarity in this day and age. Hats off to you guys and may you continue to provide the best possible experience available for many years to come.

You can see more testimonials on the W3Z website or contact us for more information

Internet back-up solutions for businesses

Proving a reliable and secure W3Z wireless internet back in conjunction with an existing copper based leased line telephone solution allows companies to relax knowing that should an interruption occur they have a backup in place that will instantly allow their business to continue. Businesses can be affected by physical damage to ground based infrastructure such as cable or fibre, often ground works relating to construction projects nearby results in costly downtime. Our Fixed Wireless services can also serve as an interim connectivity solution when the delivery of land based leased lines are delayed.

Lease line options for business security

As well as our standard broadband services we also offer a range of full symmetric business grade leased line options providing high speed dedicated lines tailored for your business.  All our Wireless business leased line tariffs are uncontended and offer security, reliability, guaranteed speeds and 24/7 support from our highly trained and knowledgeable local support staff based in Ripley.

Flexibility for Holiday Site Owners

Our W3Z wireless broadband service offers leisure users the ability to have reliable guest connectivity across caravan, glamping and camping sites in the most remote areas of our beautiful local countryside.

We can provide flexible tariffs to site managers, perfect for high and low season demands, presenting customers and visitors with a range of services and payment options that meets their needs. Our leisure site customers can be provided with value added wi-fi options from basic Internet browsing through to pay per view high speed streaming options all to boost site appeal and turnover.

With easy online ‘pay per device per day’ payment options the site managers can relax and enjoy the extra revenue stream that the W3Z service can create. What’s more we offer a full hosting and on line payment services with optional helpdesk support for 1st or 2nd line customer queries so you as an owner/operator can sit back whilst your customers enjoy a truly great online experience, knowing the service is backed by our friendly experienced local telephone support and customer care service - just as it should be.

Our broadband has already been seen to increase customer online review ratings (Trip Advisor etc.) through positive reviews relating to the available site Internet facility due to the sites partnership with W3Z Wireless broadband.



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