Zycomm offer a complete CCTV solution for business of any size. Our professionals are always on hand to offer advice and support in finding the right solution for you.

Product description

At Zycomm, we specialise in CCTV systems for all sizes of businesses and can offer a wide range of solutions for your security needs – from the very basic to the highly technical.

We work with leading CCTV manufacturers and supply brands that are trusted. We focus on finding the right solution for your business and its unique operations.


  • Standalone CCTV systems
  • Remotely monitored CCTV systems
  • Infrared CCTV
  • High Definition CCTV
  • High Resolution CCTV
  • Facial recognition

What is CCTV

CCTV systems are based on strategically-placed video cameras, which capture footage and then broadcast it to either a private (closed) network of monitors for real-time viewing, or to a video recorder (either analog or digital) for later reference.

CCTV is one of the easiest ways for business owners to monitor employees and deter crimes in their establishments. Whether the place of business is a restaurant, office, bank or retail store, cameras placed in money-handling areas, back offices, storage rooms and sales floors can not only monitor employee access to these areas, but also help prevent theft, vandalism, and other forms of misconduct.

Business surveillance is equally is important throughout off-hours as it is during business hours, since almost anything can happen overnight in an unoccupied facility. Security cameras not only provide evidence of theft, but also help owners and managers keep tabs on overnight cleaning and maintenance crews, to ensure that all required tasks are being carried out.


There are many benefits of using a CCTV security system. Some are obvious, others less so. Clients report a number of immediate and tangible benefits after having a CCTV system installed.
The most common benefits are:

Meeting Legislation Requirements - If your business has a legal requirement to have CCTV our systems will provide you with peace of mind that you are covered.

Increased deterrent – CCTV systems are a great deterrent to potential thieves. Once they realise that your home or business is protected by a closed circuit television system they invariably choose to go somewhere else.

Safer working environment – CCTV helps to ensure adherence to health and safety policies and can be invaluable in staff training.

Reduced retail theft – shop lifters deliberately target businesses with poor security and will think twice if there is an increased risk they may be caught on camera.

Increased detection – the prosecution rates for businesses using CCTV is many times higher than that for those without CCTV. If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of crime at least there will be a strong chance of detection and conviction.

Eliminate fraudulent insurance claims – in an increasingly litigious society is has never been more important to protect your business against claims that are not legitimate. CCTV can eliminate this and reduce your premiums.

Remote monitoring – keep an eye on your home or business when you aren’t there. All our CCTV systems can be viewed and controlled remotely over the internet (via an iPhone, laptop etc). In addition to this, We can provide an independent 24/7 monitoring service.

Reduced fear of crime – knowing you are well protected gives a feeling of security that should not be underestimated

Receive warnings in advance – some CCTV systems can alert you of any suspicious activity (via text or email), enabling you to view what’s happening and if necessary notify the police BEFORE a crime has been committed.

Increased professionalism – CCTV is an excellent staff training tool.

Staff protection – CCTV is perfect for preventing assaults and false claims of misconduct (ideal for schools, hospitals etc).


Planned preventative maintenance is essential  to all CCTV systems to avoid unwanted failures.

The Maintenance Service that we provide offers you reassurance that your system is in the hands of our professional Engineers.


Comprehensive maintenance contracts are available to meet your every requirement


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