Two Way Radio Hire & Rental

Radio event hire with Zycomm providing instant communication through two way radio hire for events of all sizes on short and long term leases

Whether you need two radios or a hundred; and whether you need them for a day or a year; we have a huge range of two way radios available for hire, lease, and rental on flexible short term and long term contracts. Our two way radio hire service is one of the most comprehensive you’ll ever find. We can provide anything, from simple, basic two way radios and walkie-talkies, to complicated multichannel business radio systems.  

Over the years, we’ve supplied radios for one-off events, long term projects, and regular short term use, and we are always able to supply a complete package that’s been tailored to your unique requirements. Beyond the radios, we can also provide you with all the equipment you need, such as chargers, batteries, base stations, and even mobile tower antenna.

We offer two way radio hire on both a short term and a long term basis, and we can supply you with all the equipment you need at short notice. And if you’re really in a hurry, we can even arrange for next day delivery via courier.

Short Term Two Way Radio Hire & Rental

Our flexible short term contracts can cover rentals that range from a single day to an entire year. They’re the ideal solution for those who are not looking to make a long-term investment, but who still need to use two way radios.
With our short term hire service, we’ve supplied two way radios for a huge range of applications in the UK:

- Motor racing

- Horse racing

- Summer fetes

- Carnivals

- Regattas

- Air displays

Two way radios are a critical tool for the smooth running of any event, and they can be hired for as little as £1 a day.

Long Term Two Way Radio Rental

Our long term contracts are designed to cover rental periods that range from one year to five years. They’re designed to provide a cost-effective solution for companies with limited budgets who nonetheless require the logistical benefits that two way radios offer. With our expansive range of two way radios and equipment, coupled with our extensive industry and product knowledge, organising a high-tech logistics and communication solution for your business has never been easier.


For more information about hiring two-way radios, please fill in the below enquiry form or call our friendly team on  

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