Education & Public Sector Two Way Radios

We provide cost effective and reliable two way radio and communication solutions, that offer educational establishments and the public sector a vehicle to increase their operational efficiency whilst significantly improving safety and well being for occupants. We offer a range of solutions that are suited to every type or sized site including two way radio, paging systems and CCTV. Specific areas that may benefit from our solutions include – caretaking, support staff, maintenance, administration and teaching.


Proud to Supply:

Our Solutions -

  • Cover large areas
  • Provide instant communications
  • Are feature rich
  • Help to improve general health and safety

In these times of necessary enhanced security and the need to provide the very best working environment, instant communication equipment puts you in command of your teams. Caretaking and Maintenance teams could benefit highly from the ease of communication over larger sites, the increase in safety for lone workers alone is invaluable asset to any team.

Applications also exist within fire evacuation, classroom control, registration and frequently used to silently alert other staff members of behavioural or other urgent student related issues. 

Hytera PD Series

  • Lightweight 
  • Pocket-sized and discreet design
  • 12 hour battery life
  • Superior audio
  • Digital Voice Quality
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CCTV For Education

The installation and use of CCTV within the education sector has rapidly increased in recent years. The implementation of a professional CCTV system can provide a numvber of benefits, such as -

  • Improved protection for both student and staff
  • Identification of unathorised individuals on school property
  • Increased deterrent and detection of crime, vandalism or poor behaviour
  • Reduced fear from students and parents
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Paging systems for Education

Our paging systems can offer instant communication when the efficient exchange of critial information is needed. Our solutions offer a cost effective option that will ultimately help to ensure the safety of teachers, staff and students. Our paging solutions can also work alongside fire alarms, notifying teachers of false alarms. However, in the case of a real fire the system will be able to inform teachers and members of staff of the location of the hazard, allowing a more quick, safe and efficient evacuation.