IPTT for Farmers and Agriculture

Wide Area Coverage Solution

No Costly Infrastructure Required

Track between multiple sites 

IPTT for Farmers and Agriculture

IPTT Push to Talk over Cellular equipment is growing significantly in popularity in the agricultural sector and within farming communities due to its wide average coverage communications solutions without the requirement for costly infrastructure or ongoing contracts. Available in a number of product options including handheld and mobile options for vehicles the IPTT range overs 97% UK coverage by optimising communications over several mobile networks instead of just one.

Wide Area Coverage

IPTT equipment includes a non-display handheld version, display version with text functionality and a fixed mobile unit option for vehicles including tractors and landrovers.

The mobile unit has an IP55 rating which makes it resilient to dust with splash protection, ideal for outdoor and winter use. 

IPTT utilises several cellular networks which provides 97% UK coverage roamingly seamlessly at no extra cost to you. 

IPTT Push to Talk over Cellular range

Avoid Costly Infrastructure

Wide area communications can be achieved using digital radio systems and as communication solution providers we know these can bring real advantages for farmers. However the infrastructure required to install these systems can be costly.

Therefore if you are looking for a cost effective option with quick set up IPTT keeps life simple and costs low. 

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Tractor driving in the snow

GPS Tracking using the IPTT Dispatcher

This powerful tracking tool including Geofencing which detects when a worker moves outside or inside a designated zone. A useful tool for tracking deliveries or progress. This can even be used to track vehicles in the event of a theft. There is also a stun option in the event of stolen equipment.

The tracking can be conducted live and data can be recorded over time and multiple groups can be named and monitored which is useful in particular for farmers with workers on multiple premises. You can view the live location of all iPTT devices via the inbuilt google maps screen. 


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