Business Landlines

Business Landlines

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Product description

  • No PBX maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Secure and reliable communications
  • Low cost and free IP calling solution

Features Overview

  • Multiple sites managed through a staight forward interface
  • Flexible working for your team
  • Disaster recovery

Our Solutions

At Zycomm, we’ve installed comprehensive business phone lines and systems for businesses from a range of sectors. We specialise in designing cost-effective and reliable cloud-based hosted telephony solutions that can be scaled with ease to meet the specific requirements of any business, regardless of their size.

Because no two businesses are quite the same, no two business telephone systems are ever quite the same. However, having tailored solutions for such a wide variety of sectors, we’ve learned that, ultimately, every business wants the same thing: a system that’s simple, flexible, and dependable.

But perhaps most important of all, they want something that’s as futureproof as possible – because nobody likes the idea of investing in a comprehensive system, only to find, a few years down the line, that it already needs upgrading.

It’s here where our hosted telephony services can help. Because they’re cloud-based, there’s no need for an onsite private branch exchange (PBX). Not only will this drastically reduce your maintenance costs, it will also save you the considerable expense of having to upgrade your systems in the long run.

Beyond this, our business phone lines provide a wealth of benefits, including clear and high quality voice calls, remote office support, disaster recovery, secure connections, and the ability for your business to use a single number for all communications – even if they’re based in different locations.

When all of your calls are made over a secure broadband connection, you can look forward to years of secure calls, all made at little to no expense. What’s more, with a range of management systems, you can manage all calls, facilities, and changes using a single simple and intuitive interface.

For more information about our business telephone systems, or to arrange a site visit, give us a call on 01773 570 123.

Hosted telephony brings a range of advantages as apposed to a traditional telephone system which can include -

  • No PBX maintenance or upgrade costs
  • As well as giving your organisation a low cost and free IP calling solution, with a hosted system comes a range of management features that can enable changes to be made straight away and for you to manage your own calls and facilities.
  • Your entire communications across multiple sites and/or countries can be managed effectively through a straight forward interface.
  • Clear, high quality voice calls
  • Secure and reliable communications
  • Disaster recovery
  • Enabling your team to work flexibly from wherever they want
  • Allows a single number to be presented for the whole company even if they are based in different geographical areas
  • Eliminates the need to expand the system when new colleagues start and puts a stop to wasted resources when team members leave the company


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