Remote Monitoring for Radio Systems

Remote Monitoring for Radio Systems

Future Proof your Digital Radio Systems

We now offer a unique remote monitoring for radio systems from our premises using Hytera's XNMS technology coupled with our own expertise and our own proprietary software. When your communication is crucial extra protection can make a real difference and provide you with the reassurance that your maintenance package gives you maximum resources. Our unique answer to maintenance is a set of continuous analytics to fully optimise the performance of your radio system. This ultimate prevention tool reduces the requirement for call outs and the time taken to fix any problem. Moreover it allows us to diagnose the source of the problem from our premises.

The benefits of using remote monitoring

  • Stop problems before they happen - We set up email triggers which flag any anomaly data to our team. This allows us to tell you if your radio system is being overloaded or any other problems such as overheating arise.
  • Keep call outs to an absolute minimum – Call outs for engineers can be costly. However by adding the remote monitoring option onto our maintenance package we can usually diagnose the problem from our premises and talk your engineers on-site through a solution.
  • Minimise system down time - The time period for problems to a fix is reduced significantly through the remote diagnosis of problems.
  • Spot a small problem before it grows – For the radio systems we provide with more than one repeater, particularly across multiple sites, a problem with one repeater can often be masked by the high performance of another. Our remote monitoring can spot issues with one repeater and help to fix it before the other repeater becomes overloaded.
  • 24/7 protection– We receive alerts from your radio systems constantly

We can only show radio data once the tracking has been implemented. This means it is always ideal to have this in place ahead of time so should a problem arise we will already have the data to show patterns over a longer period and deduce why a problem has happened at that particular point,


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Personalised Radio system reports

As part of our remote monitoring maintenance package we can send you personalised weekly radio system reports in a PDF or Excel format. This option provides with regular data on the performance of your radio repeaters and systems. This data can be used by us and you to optimise your system. These reports are made possible by the expertise within our services department. Our Zycomm team are always looking at innovative new ways to provide new services to customers. To explore the option to sign up to our remote monitoring service contact us

Critical Communication and Remote monitoring


When you install a radio system it will normally work perfectly without a problem potentially lasting decades and providing a huge list of advantages to your business through enhanced communication.However in the event there is a problem, being left without communication can have huge implications on evacuation procedures, health and safety as well as security. 

You can read about our shopping centre scenerio example in our remote monitoring article


Evacuation sign in a hospital corridor



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