Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters

Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters

Renewable Energy Options

In addition to conventional radio systems we can also install renewable energy powered repeaters using a combination of wind and solar technology ideal for highly remote locations such as the Peak District where several specialist radio repeaters have already been implemented. When mains electricity isn’t available our renewable energy powered repeaters offer an alternative and effective communications solution

Renewable Energy Powered Repeaters from Zycomm


We are pleased to be able to provide solutions to customers in a huge variety of locations and one of the areas where we truly excel is providing options to customers in remote locations with everything from push to talk over a wide area network through to wireless broadband options.

For customers in areas with poor or non-existent mobile signal and where conventional digital radio systems aren't an option through mains power we can provide radio repeaters which are powered by solar or wind technology. 

We set up a specialist repeater which takes the extreme wind conditions in moorland areas and combines the effects of the bright clear sunshine which can be found intermittently throughout daylight hours.

The electricity generated by these specialist repeaters is used to charge large capacity batteries ensuring permanent communications can be maintained.

The wind turbines used to power these repeaters use the same technology as those used in the arctic.  Read our full article on these solutions 

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sheep by renewable energy radio repeater

Renewable Energy communication applications

Existing uses for this type of repeater include shooting, game shoots and other outdoor activities in rural areas which don't have access to mains electricity. 

This signicantly boosts the health and safety side during events particularly in moorland areas where visibility can be poor and the weather is often changeable and unpredictable.

Our customers have already used two way radio communication to locate a lost member on a games shoot, made possible through this specialist technology. They were able to locate him quickly and prevent the situation escalating. Our range of radios from renowned brands including Hytera and Kenwood have a number of radios which can be programmed with emergency features and GPS tracking as it can often be hard to pinpoint location through the description of similar-looking surroundings. 

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Neighbourhood communication

Installing these repeaters can also have a reduction on the effects of rural crime by allowing estate owners or small rural communities to communicate with two way radios to spread news of vehicle or livestock thefts from house to house allowing their neighbours to take the necessary precautions to prevent themselves also becoming a victim. 

Radio Maintenance for renewable energy repeaters

renewable energy powered repeaters

We never like to leave our customers in the dark, that's why come rain, shine (or snow!) when you sign up to a maintenance package with us we'll be available to keep your communications running all year round. 

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