iPTT has been developed to solve the long range communication problems faced by many

businesses and organisations in the UK. People are asking for more and more out of their

traditional analogue and digital two-way radio systems. 30, 40, even 100 mile coverage, solutions

that are just too expensive for the average radio system and company communications budget.

iPTT can offer you up to 98% UK wide coverage, European coverage (for an extra fee), GPS

tracking, voice dispatch and call recording without the need for additional infrastructure 

Product description

The CP300 is smart, stylish and easy to use, with the look and feel of a traditional 2 Way Radio. It is a rugged hand portable, which can use a wide range of Kenwood K1 2 Pin accessories.


  • IP55 rating dust and splash protection
  • Crisp, clear and high quality sound
  • GSM 900/1800MHz, WCDMA
  • 900/2100MHz
  • Robust
  • Voice annunciation

IPTT Overview

With low hardware and running costs, the IPTT service can now offer you an economical solution to solve your customer’s wide area coverage requirements.

Combining the hand portable and vehicle mounted radio with the low cost IPTT PC Dispatcher, the full advanced features can be accessed.


  • Group Calling
  • One to One Calling
  • GPS Tracking
  • Voice Recording
  • Dynamic Real Time Grouping

Group Calling allows you to split your fleet of radios into depoartmental groups. Access to these departmental groups can be controlled on a radio by radio basis enabling you to restrict who a radio user can speak to within your organisation. A group call enables you to speak to all users within a department at one time.

One to One Calling allows you to speak to an individual radio user within your organisation without disturbing or involving others. As with group calling One to One call access can be restricted on a radio by radio basis.

GPS Tracking on the IPTT PC Dispatcher allows you to view the live location of any of the devices via the inbuilt Google Maps screen. Historic data can also be accessed and viewed as a "snail trail" on the mapping screen detailing radios movements over a period of several hours.

Voice Recording – on the IPTT PC Dispatcher voice recording of all conversations can be logged, stored and played back when this standard option is enabled on a radio.

Dynamic Real Time Grouping – The iPTT PC Dispatcher can allow you to create a temporary group of radios within your fleet allowing for short term private communication to be held. Once the temporary group is closed all radios will return to their previous state.




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