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Zycomm supply high quality two way radios from renowned brands Hytera, Kenwood, Motorola and Tait.

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A huge range of professional radios from trusted brands

At Zycomm, we have one of the most comprehensive ranges of two way radios in the UK, with solutions to suit almost every conceivable requirement. Whether you need a simple means for your security team to liaise on the night shift, or a reliable communication network for hundreds of event personnel, we’re here to help. Our team help businesses choose the right radio solution for their business on a daily basis so call us for a quick conversation to optimise your communications. 

We offer support in choosing the right radio for your business

Even with a brand name in mind, choosing the right radio for your business or event can be an overwhelming task. Luckily our knowledge team have over 40 years experience matching radio solutions to businesses in over 50 different sectors. For a chat about your radio requirements use the link below and we can help recommend the right one for you. Our free trials on your shortlisted radios following our discussion will also help you pick the right one.

Send us a message outlining what you plan to use your radio for and we'll contact you to talk through the best solution. Common questions we will ask what sector you're working in, the rough size of your site and how many teams of people will need to speak with each other. 

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For more information about our two way radios, give us a call on 01773 570 123