Which radio is right for my business?

Which radio is right for my business?

Help Me Choose a Radio

We've created this page to help our web users who are looking for radios but haven't decided on the two way radios they require. Our customers come to us because they know with 40 years experience and a knowledgeable friendly sales team. We work with both new companies and existing customers looking to upgrade their radios and systems (for example digital migration from an analogue to digital as we have previously done for Everton Football Club).

Help me choose a radio

When you speak with us we have a quick conversation with you about your premises and how you plan to use the radios, for example in the day to day running of a construction site, as part of a one off event or as part of multiple teams working across different channels. The answers you provide to us will allow us to suggest and shortlist the radios which will work best for your site. We can then, where where required arrange a site survey or go straight to a free trial run where we provide you with radios to test the coverage is working for you. To start a discussion use the link below or give us a call on 01773 570123.


Help Me Choose A Radio

I want to do more research

If you wish to do more research yourself before speaking with us we've written an article with highlighted areas to consider when choosing a radio from the size of your site to weatherproofing and emergency features. Some of our customers love our lightweight cost effective licence free range, others utilise the full sprectrum of options from display radios for team management and GPS tracking. 


How to Choose a Two Way Radio


Why buy from Zycomm

We have a fully trained team of technical engineers, some with over 35 years in the industry. These are supported by a highly passionate and knowledgeable sales team who guide you through the process and work with you long after you've first bought from us. 


Interested in any of our products or services? Call a member of our sales team on 01773 570123 now or enquire below.

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